Writer:Thirty Years Later


Like many of you, I hate sitting and watching innocent people being taken advantage of. So I decided to start a blog to free my mind of the negative things I see on the news, internet, in magazines,etc.
I hope. That I can help others free their minds too! Sometimes. I cringe at the thought of a child missing. A woman being abused by her husband, or someone being killed.
For this reason, some posts will be uplifting, sad, and they may upset you.It isn’t my intentions to upset anyone. I believe in social change, justice, and freedom for all. Come with me on a journey as I discover myself, and what God says about me.  Hopefully, you’ll see a little of yourself in me.  If not…that’s o.k. to.

OMG SkyeNicolas cooltone
OMG SkyeNicolas cooltone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you,
Janiese Wesley

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