Where Is Daddy?

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                                                            A Young Woman Finds Victory In Dark Times

     The Harsh realities of life in the streets in Missouri, gave India no hope.  She lived in poverty, slept in abandoned buildings, and ate out of dumpsters. As she spoke, tears ran down her face.  She agreed to talk to me if her story could change some young girl, or woman.  Sadly, she shared with me her childhood this past October.  On a cold Monday morning, while sipping on hot coco she says, “When I was five years old, he made me eat trash out of the dumpster everyday.  He hated me!  He refused to fix me food.”

     “Where was your mother?” I asked.

     Clearing her throat she looked up toward the ceiling, “She worked two jobs to support us.  Daddy wouldn’t work. I don’t know why-he just wouldn’t.  After mom went to her second job, he’d climb into my bed and rape me.”

     India now 22, is trying to keep her composure.  She squeezed her eyes tight to keep the tears from flowing.  I hand her a tissue, “That’s alot of shame for you to carry around all of these years.”  I apologized and hugged her tightly.  She relaxed in my embrace.  I reminded her that it wasn’t her fault.  Her father took advantage  of her.  When she finished crying, she stood  and continued speaking, “At age 10I decided to tell my momma.  She denied everything I told her.  She called me a liar!  Then she chased me out of the house and told me never to come back.”

     This led India into a life of prostitution and drugs.   That night on the street, she met a Pimp.  An hour later, he told her how beautiful she was.  He bought her food, and raped her.

A Cry For Help

     There are many young girls like India with similar stories of abuse, abandonment, and prostitution.  Everyday they deal with the harsh reality that no one cares.  And in there world- no one does.  If they can’t trust their father to protect them, then they can’t trust anyone.  Abuse doesn’t happen to one race of people.  It can happen to everyone.  “Abuse” in any form is such an ugly word.  It doesn’t care if you’re rich, poor, or middle class.  It lurks down dark alleys, behind abandoned buildings, at school, at home, etc.  It’s the famiies little, dirty secret.

Today India is feeling better about herself.  She’s been drug-free for a year, and receives counseling on a weekly basis.  When I visit her, I pray for God to heal her heart.  Lately, I’ve prayed for God to restore her relationship with her mother. With a smile on her face she says, “I thank God that daddy is serving life.”  I agreed.  Hugging her I said, “God loves you baby.  Live your life for Jesus.”

As a society, I pose this question, “What can we do to help girls like India?”

She’s Been Waiting All This Time

     Many 0f our young girls run to the streets to find love.  A pimp treats a 12 year old like a, “woman.”  He makes her feel sexy by telling her, “You’re beautiful and so mature.  Let me take care of you.  I’ll be your Daddy.”  Well to a teenage girl who hasn’t had a father in the home, or a good father falls preys to this slickster.  I’m not saying that every teenage girl who gets into, “teen prostitution,” comes from single, poor, low-income families.  As I stated before, some come from middle and upper-class homes too.

Sometimes, a girl may run away  for fun, peer-pressure, or boredom.  They’re many factors that pushes a girl out into the streets.  Whatever, those factors are we need to be concerned for their well-being.  It isn’t safe for them on the streets.  Regardless, if they’ve consented to go or not.  The fact is: They’re Minors. 

  America  I  ask this question, “What needs to be done for our young girls?”  This a universal problem, and it needs to be addressed.  I’m not mad at you……I’m passionate about the heart of Jesus.


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