Teen Pregnancy: A Trap

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There are many things that trap young women, however, I’ll just name two common traps. The word trap means, “an ambush, scheme, or trick intended to catch someone unaware.” (Webster’s Abridged).

Imagine passing through the halls in between classes, and you overhear girls whispering and giggling, “He’s cute, and so fine. He’ll be my babies daddy.” Who hasn’t heard that before? It’s a TRAP and a scheme designed by satan!  A couple of more inches and SNAP!  Caught you in a trap of deceit, lies, and more lies.  Some young girls fall for the sweet talk, and others are wiser.  Those who get caught end up pregnant, and 9 months later delivers a, “Bouncing bundle of joy!”  Except that isn’t the phrase she’d use.

A Daunting Task

On the outside, she tries to remain strong and calm.  But on the inside she cries, “OMG! What am I going to do?  I can’t raise a baby by myself!”  The irony, is she holds the key to her own future, but she feels trapped.  She didn’t think she’d get pregnant.    Society encouraged her to have fun.  Music videos told her to drink, party hard, and have sex.  With a baby on the way, she’s forced to grow up and be a woman.  Now she’s having to make decisions that’s confusing.  She never anticipated any of this.  Reluctantly, she tells the young man and he swears it isn’t is.  Then she tells her parents, and they hit the roof.  At school, she tells her teachers and they ignore her. Refusing to give her help because she’s pregnant.   Some of her,”so-called” friend’s stop talking to her.

Due to the pressure of carrying a baby, some young girls get extremely ill causing them to drop out of school.  Now she’s too sick to finish, and the teachers refuse to send make-up homework home.  Suddenly, she can’t keep up, and feels like a failure. She’s weighed down with worry and insecurities.  With no support from home, or school she decides, “I’ll quit!  It’s no use!  This is too hard!”

What Needs To Be Done?

1.  We need to encourage them to stay in school even if they’re pregnant, and it’s hard.  Remind them that they owe it to themselves and to their baby.

2.  Schools need to teach youth that Abstaining is the best policy to practice.  Of course, there’ll be some who will decide to have sex.  Periodically, throughout  the year, schools should have an all school campaign that teaches that, “It’s great! to wait!.”

3.  More schools need to partner with the Health Clinic‘s so our youth can learn the importance of, “Wearing condoms, STD’s, Aids, etc.”

4.  Programs need to be implemented in the schools that teach young women how to care for their child.

Teen Pregnancy is a Global issue.  According to Linda Mangel, reporter for the Seattle Times Magazine says, “Pregnancy among Whites and Asian students has steadily decreased, while pregnancy rates for American Indian/Alaskan Native, Hispanic and Black students have been unchanged.”  These findings are alarming!

In conclusion, let’s help our young girls stay in school.  Everyone makes mistakes from time to time.  Children aren’t a mistake, and they didn’t ask to come into the world.  Parents please forgive your children for having a baby, and forgive yourselves.

Teen pregnancy is a major issue amongst the minorities. Many live in single, low-income families, and have very little resources.  The inner-city school districts lack funding, supplies, etc. to educate both parents and children.

Many young girls wished that they had support from their parents, or school teachers. With help, they’d stay in school.

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