Naked And Young

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Kathlynn sits in a black chair dressed in a pair of jeans, and a pink sweater.  Her dark hair covers her face, her eyes sparkling, and tears are flowing from her eyes.  At age 15, she and some friend’s played a dare game betting her to take pictures on her cellphone.

On the following Monday, she went  to school and a group of boy’s followed her to a secluded area yelling, “Take it off baby!”  She screamed and pushed her way past them.  Two days later, her nude pictures wereon her locker.  When she asked her friends which one of them sent those pictures, they denied it.

Many young women take, “Nude pictures, ” of themselves for fun and money.  They never expected for the pictures to, “haunt them” later.  As the pictures travel through, “cyberspace,” future employers, friend’s, future husbands, etc. see them.

The media portray young girls as, “sex objects.”  T.V. shows portray them with no clothes on, sliding down poles, and fighting other young women.  Music videos loves for young stars, and pop divas to bear their breast and behinds.  This is immoral behavior.

Deception Creates Confusion

The media  are leading our young girls down a dark path of deception.  Our young girls believe, that taking off their clothes are sexy.  Parents need to tell their daughters that they’ll beautiful everyday.  Encourage them that beauty is, “finishing school and loving themselves.”  Mothers tell your daughters that they’re, “Intelligent and special.”

Fathers teach your daughters how a man should treat them.  Be a strong role-model in front of her, and treat her with love.  Teach her to expect the best from a man, and never let him degrade her.

Parents encourage them that, “nude pictures” make men disrespect them, and treat them like objects.  Ps. 139:14 states, “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!  Your workmanship is marvelous how well I know it.” (Life Application Study Bible)

Today Katlynn regrets taking those pictures.  It changed her life tremendously.  She’s afraid of what others think about her.  But this is just the beginning of something that’ll haunt her for the rest of her life.

When we feel worthless, and begin to hate ourselves we can think about God’s goodness.  He made us beautiful.  We need to respect ourselves just like He respects us!

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  1. What great words of encouragement. I will be taking time out today and whispering encouragement into both of my daughters ears. I wish I had a voice like yours in my life when I was a young teen. I wonder how much better my decisions would have been.


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