The Fourth Covenant: Promise

The Genealogy of Abraham according to the Bible
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“………but as for me in my house, we will serve the Lord.”  Joshua 24:15

I grew up in a family endowed with Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets, etc.  In the last fifthteen years,  I’ve served as an Elder under several Pastors.  Years ago my father preached a sermon entitled, “…..As for me and my house we’ll serve the Lord. (Joshua 24:15)  His congregation complained and they were disgruntled about his bold statement.  My father made a radical statement to follow God no matter what other said.  As the pastor and priest of his home and church, he declared, “Joshua 24:15.”  His congregation wasn’t prepared to serve God, or my father fully.  Many chose to serve other the,  “god of their flesh.”

God’s Divine Promise

Several posts ago, I wrote a post entitled, “Where Is Daddy?”  In that post, I emphasized on the important role a father plays in the home.  Actually, it makes good sense to talk about the family first.  Afterall, in the Bible, God started with the family first.  Adam, Eve, Cain, Able, and Seth were the first family.  God knew that humanity needed an example to follow.  God knew that our families would go through divorce, seperation, abuse, and poverty.  So He answered the problem with covenants to provide humanity with, “Everlasting blessings.”  His aim was to show us how much He loves family.

However, Satan‘s kingdom is trying to destroy our families.  The need for God’s grace is evident by looking at our society.  Satan’s kingdom is behind same sex marriages, high divorce rates, poverty,  and single homes.  Is satan behind young teens having sex before marriage?  Is he behind teen pregnancy, teen prostitution, abortion, Aids and STD’s?  Yes, satan loves confusion and chaos.

Henceforth, the need for a covenant with a promise, is endorsed by God’s covenant with Abraham.  God made Abraham our, “Spiritual Father.”  Abraham produced 21 kinds of families.  Meaning, Israel represented the natural, physical, part of society.  The Church represents the spiritual where the religions originated from.    God gave us the answer  to the example listed above.

Whether we believe this or choose not to, is up to us.  The earth, our families, and our communities need God’s divine promise fulfilled.  Friend’s the,  “Fourth Covenant”  is God’s divine Promise for us.

Why Was Abraham Chosen?

As I stated previously, God gave covenants to humanity to fulfill his, “Everlasting blessings.”  Abraham demonstrated his faith through his actions, and he believed, in God.  Abraham represnts how God desires to purify our families from, “Universal idolatry.”  Through the Abrahamic covenant, God blessed those who served him, and cursed those who cursed him.  Universal idolatry means, “Huminism,” and it declares, “I can do what I want to do.

In the Old Testament,  covenants were the primary way people who weren’t blood related communicated with one another.  When God established a covenant, He kept His word.  God’s covenants are good for today too.

     Elton Trueblood once wrote,

Every family is potientially a holy family.  A mother, a father, and little children conduct together an amazing experiment.  Often in marked contrast to the ways of the world.”

For this reason, this is why the Bible is full of geneologies. According to the Bible,  Fathers are the priest of their household, and they’re called to lead their families.  God never intended for the woman to be the priest of the home.  He gave fathers a special anointing to raise their children, and protect their families.  Without the family, our communities would not exist.  We can’t have a community without the family.

Contrary to what most believe, the covenant between God and Abraham impacted world History.  Below are the promises God fulfilled through His relationship with Abraham.

  1. God made Abraham the, “father of many nations.”  Every family on this earth is blessed.
  2. God blessed him naturally, and spiritually.
  3. God made his name great (famous).
  4. God blessed those that blessed Abraham, and cursed those that cursed him.

     A Call To All Fathers

     Fathers have an awesome responsibility to lead their families.  God has placed a special anointing of Grace upon their heads.  God knew that times would be hard, so He allowed grace to cover you.  Fathers you must walk in love and keep peace in your families.  Raise your boys to be men of integrity with Godly moral and ethics.  Teach your daughters what to expect from a man, and tell them that you love them.  Fathers hug your children, and tell them that you love them everyday.  Fathers show your sons how to work, respect, and honor their wives.  Fathers have faith in God, and stay the course.  It’s going to be tuff sometimes.  Don’t lose Faith.  Pray and read the word of God with your family.  Lead them to the church and not away from the church.


  1. So very true, the devil thrives in this world. Look at it. I sometimes wonder how much worse can it get. God destroyed the world because of sin, He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of sin. I don’t know what kind of Sin there was back then but in todays world I see kids killing kids, parents killing their own children, drugs, same sex marriages, where they are now getting children to raise and those children are going to the supreme courts and defending them. We aren’t allowed to talk about God just about every where now. Before you know it, we’ll have no talking about God the way we have No Smoking signs. Look at all the evil around us. I could go on and on. It’s scary to think about how much worse it can get.


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