Why Are You Exploiting This Girl?! – Gospel for Asia

Why Are You Exploiting This Girl?! – Gospel for Asia.


    • I really enjoyed your blog. People need to hear your testimony. There’s a lot of young women dealing with low-esteem, abuse, feeling they’re not good enough. Your blog will relate to them. God is a healer, and He loves us so much. Let’s stay in touch. Be encouraged.


  1. I think that children who been abused will never ever forget because child abuse has a profound effect on a person for a life time and people should not be so ignorant and so stupid to help criminals abuse innocent children and they still hate my guts and that is because I AM AN UNWANTED CHILD THEY DON’T WANT ME IN THEIR FAMILY AND THE SO CALLED MOTHER DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ME ,SHE WAS ALWAYS HATEFUL TO ME.


    • Hey Charl1010,
      I appreciate your honesty. A lot of people are afraid to share the bad things from their childhood, or from life. Yes, it’s wrong for your parents to mistreat you. It sounds like they have childhood demons that they need to get free of. Its wrong for them to abuse you, It’s not your fault for their lack of parenting skills. However, I know one thing that Jesus loves you, and He desires for you to trust in Him. I’ve never gone through your struggles, but I know, that God is real, He allowed you to go through that so that others could hear your testimony. Charl, you’re still here. and you didn’t die from that horrible experience. Satan wanted you to, but God kept you alive for a reason. We never know exactly why we go through things, but the word says that, “It’s for the making of us.” If you have a Bible please read James 1. I’ll be glad to help you understand it at a later date. Stay encouraged.


      • I am an unwanted child and instead of Carmella Barber placing me up for adoption I think that was the best LOVING chioice because I ended up growing up with both parents never had any love for me because they both denied me from birth and I was nothing to them at all.and I never got along with the siblings and presently the persons who took me to their family where I should not have been taken to they don’t even talk to me at all and that parent don’t want anything to do with me at all and them parents put me out on the streets of Chicago Illinois at a young age of 20 and I was a high school graduate and I never stolen nothing and I was not using drugs that was the brothers using drugs and I never even broke a curfew and I had a hard time finding a paid job and I had no other income and they threathened my personal safety and when they put me out of the home, I had to get someone to take me over to our grandmother’s house, she taken me in and she told me at least you are not out of doors and the women and her people always have been picking on me. the people on Carmella side of the family they never taken the time with me and the people on her husband side of the family they never took the time with me, and several years ago I started elementary school kindergarten and I was taken out of kindergarten class and I returned at age 7 years and 6 months. I worked like hell to get an education but it didn’t do me much good at all because this family never did want me to work a paid job,they were not supportive and they never did help me to even find a job. the way they treated me they are not going to ever tell me why they did me like that and that is not forgive because it is unacceptable. she keeps blaming me for her mother in law and her husband because she later told me her mother in law tried to get her killed because of me. the mother in llaw and her son thought I was a white man’s baby and they all blamed me for that it was very wrong, that is not my fault at all.


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