Virtue:Her Greatest Gift

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Everyone has heard the amazing story of, ‘Queen Esther.’  If you haven’t read about her in the Bible, you can find over 20,000 websites about her life.  Amazing huh?  As you well know, I love to write about God, family and women.  It’s my personal belief that God cares about us, and the Bible confirms my belief.

According to Webster’s Dictionary the word virtue means, “Moral excellence, chasity, and admirable quality.”  As I studied about Esther, I learned that she had a spirit of excellence, she was pure, and honest.  In today’s society, these aren’t popular qualities to have.  Esther’s beauty, grace, and wisdom brought her before King Ahasuerus.  She didn’t ask to become queen, but God saw potential in her.

At an early age, 0rphaned,  and raised by her cousin, Mordecai.  Mordecai, a Jewish Prophet, taught her the ways of God, and the Jewish customs.  Mordecai become her father, and he spoke positive words over her.  In many ways, he protected her from an evil society.  The Jews were slaves to the Persians, a Babylonian kingdom.  A heathenish society, where men tried to build their own religion, worshipped idol gods, and treated women like sex objects.  Yes, this sounds like our society today.  A society that hated the Jews and God.

When Queen Vashti refused to come before King Ahasuerus, a decree he set in motion,

‘Let there be fair young virgins sought for the king.’

Officers from every province gathered all the young virgins in Shushan and brought them to the Royal Palace.  Mordecai prepared her for this adverse circumstance.  He made her promise him two things, ‘Never reveal your people, and your identity being a Jew.’  Esther 2:10

Mordecai wanted the King to think that she was Persian.  He changed her name from, Hadasseh to Esther.  Esther was an excellent Persian name meaning, “Star.”  Has God called you do a job for Him?  What decree has satan put in motion for you?  Some people believe, that it’s an honor for a King to place them in a, “Beauty Pageant.”  Think about,  how satan tempts us to come into the world.  He’s very cunning and shrewd.   beautiful?

Redefining the Game

God used the evil King’s decree for His glory.  God hid Esther’s identity for a season, to get her into the Royal Palace. He positioned her in an earthly kingdom, so the Jews could gain freedom.  The king set the decree in place out of anger.  Vashti disobeyed his order to walk before him and his court. She became too assertive.   His people saw him as a god,; by his people; therefore, when he issued a law, it couldn’t be changed.   The men were afraid that there women would disrespect them because of Queen Vashti.

Persian kings took in a lot of women and jewelry.  The women were to await his call for sexual pleasure.  Many of them only saw him once and forgotten.  What a boring  life to live.    When Esther became Queen, the Jewish nation rejoiced.  However, this was the beginning of a daunting task.  The king had no respect for Vashti, and because of this Esther couldn’t talk to him for long periods.  Esther had to pay for the problems that existed between the King and Vashti.

Yet, God, “Redefined the Game.”  With very little rights and time to spend with the King, it was easy for Esther to hide her identity.  Yes,  we should boldly state our identity.  However, there are times we need to pray and wait quietly before the Lord too.  Especially, in business deals, and with people who have authority over us.  When the time comes, let them see the God in us.  Amen!

The Jews Lives were Threatened

As I continued to read Esther, I saw where she discovered Haman’s evil decree to destroy the Jews.  Mordecai sent word to Esther and the Bible says, “He put on sackcloth, and publicly mourns.” (4:1)  God wanted to use Esther to save His people.  What did Esther do?  She sought the Lord for strategy.  If you are relocating, changing jobs, needing a promotion, children are having problems in school, or your marriage is having problems-Seek God for strategy.  God is in control.  Don’t panic!  Steady yourselves and stay the course.

God will destroy the Haman in your life.  Mordecai didn’t bow to Haman because he had faith in God.  In this season, we will experience hatred, hostile situations, and confronted about our belief in Jesus Christ.    Don’t let people, government, or institutions take the place of God.  God is a jealous God.  He commands us to, “Put no other gods before him.” (Exodus 20:15)   In our society, there are many things that try to steal our affections from God.  For example, our jobs, families, money , and prestige can take us away from God’s presence.  Anything, that we put before God is a sin.  What are your putting before God?  Who are you serving?

At the end, Esther risked her life by coming before the king uninvited.   Her courageous act teaches us that we can approach dangerous situations with God’s anointing.  She felt that the lives of the Jews was greater than her life.  Wow!  Talk about unconditional love.  She fasted and prayed, and we see very little of this in church settings.

What is God Saying?

     In this hour, we need to hear the voice of God.  This only comes by getting alone in God’s presence.  God wants to adorn His church with beauty and purity.  In earlier moves of God, the church received His hand.  We only wanted what God could do for us.  We wasn’t concerned with seeking His face.  In 2012, we need to pray about everything.  God wants to speak to us.  Are we willing to let God speak to us fully?  Esther’s beauty, heart and purity won the heart of the king.  Can you and I win the heart of the heavenly king?  God wants our hearts.



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