The Journey: He Made In Me

Creation: In The Beginning
             Part 1
  In the Beginning, God spoke and a powerful movement began. The Free Dictionary describes the word, “movement” as, “the act or instance of moving; a change in place or position.” God started a movement, or a trend to show us how we can speak to our situations.
     The word, “trend” refers to,” a general direction in which something tends to move.” Back when I was a girl, my parents took my siblings and I to Walt Disney World for a Summer vacation.
     For one week we lived in a luxurious Condo at Walt Disney World. We spent our mornings visiting theme parks, and in the evenings we played on the beach. Amazing! Before that time, I’d never seen a beach, or the state Florida.
     Fabulous malls, shops, sand, and water for miles made us dance with glee. Even the trees were majestic, green, and from their branches hung oranges. OMG!
     Imagine, how we felt, when my father announced, “It’s time to go home!” We fussed and complained. As we left Orlando, no one said a word. With our heads bowed, our hearts were heavy, for leaving such beauty. I asked my parents, “Say, are there beaches in heaven?” My parents chuckled, and my father said, “Yes, I believe that, there are beaches in heaven.”
     Then my momma added, “I believe, that God wants us to see a little bit of heaven right now.” In our young minds, Orlando was heaven on earth.
     After that moment, my life changed. I wanted to do something great for God. I knew, God inspired Walt Disney to create beauty. I bet, he didn’t know that one idea would make him filthy rich.
     Im amazed at how God spoke and created you and I. Beloved, we’re on His mind, and He carries us in His heart. We’re destined for greatness! In other words, we reflect His glory.

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