In The Beginning: An Infinite Being

          “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Matthew 11:15

     In many ways the impetus for this post began in August 1991. I was a starry-eyed Sophmore at Oral Roberts University wanting to conquer the world. This is where I heard God’s voice for the first time.
Many people say, “I’ve heard the voice of God.” But did they really?
Certainly, some preached about it, written books on it, and shared their testimonies. How many of you know that we cannot live off  of  others testimonies? We need a few testimonies for ourselves. Amen!
     When God Speaks to us, He’s reassuring us that He is God. He listens to our prayers, cries, complaints, etc.
In the first chapter of Genesis, we see that before this world existed there was nothing. But only God, an Infinite Being. For years, Atheists have argued that God doesn’t exist. They believe, that the Bible shows inconsistencies about God, heaven, and earth, and eternity.
      In fact, New Atheists believe, “religion, shouldn’t be tolerated, but contured, criticized, and exposed by rational arguments wherever, its influences arises.”
What Do You Believe? When you die where will your soul spend eternity?
     Genesis is the beginning of our existence. Its the beginning of the world, the invention of arts, sins and death, and the church began.
     Divine order, a system of justice and judgement was created by the hands of God.

Getting Back To Hearing God’s Voice
I share all of  this not  to bore you, but to show you that God is greater than us.
In my Sophmore year of  college, I thought, I  knew everything, but I didn’t.  Aimlessly, I changed my major three times. I wasn’t getting along with my professors. Everyday I argued with my boss, and Resident Monitor.  I had an unteachable personality!
😉  Then I woke up. I prayed and asked God to, “Help me!” God can’t help us until we surrender.
When He didn’t respond, I decided to Journal like the preacher told me to do.
     He Didn’t Speak…….
Frustrated, I yelled, “I just want to hear you say something. What do you want from me?” Do you know how stupid I felt, yelling into nothing?
    Before God spoke, he allowed me to go on like this for several days. I believe, that He wanted to see how badly I wanted to hear him speak. Also, I needed to learn how to talk to people.
     Then, an amazing event took place. As usual I prayed, but I didn’t holler. Instead, I waited for God to speak. (Isaiah 40:31)
And the Lord moved inside of my belly. A hot, tingly sensation ran over my body.
     I felt, light-headed, and giddy like a school-girl falling head over heels in love. For the first time, I fell to my face  and repented. I grabbed my inkpen, journal, and started writing.
     I didn’t want to lose this feeling, so I wrote everything down. He told me that He loved me, and created me before the foundations of the world.
     He began to reveal his love for me. Beloved, he loves you and I so much. How can we not serve Him?

Janiese Wesley

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