Where Is Daddy?

Where Is Daddy?.

Since the last time I wrote this story, I’ve met several young women who’s gone through abuse, sexual trafficking, incest, and molestation.
Some of my friends thought, I lost my mind, or on some rampage.
Two weeks ago, I came across a beautiful woman testimony of a secret she’s carried for years. Now she’s beginning to speak to others about it.
Here’s her website http://www.bnewvision.wordpress.com.  I chose to showcase her website because I work with women ages 13-18 everyday that shares her testimony.  Many of them live secretive lives, and are afraid to speak up.  Sometimes, they go in hiding, change their identities, and move just to stay safe from the Abuser.  The abuser may be a husband, boyfriend, uncle, neighbor down the street, etc.  Abuse doesn’t have a name, or belong to a certain race.  If you know of anyone going through this please help them.  Their lives depend upon you.  Remember we take the power out of the Abuser’s hands by Speaking up.  Let’s encourage them everyday.

My job ia to sound the ALARM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Make everyone aware that this is a National Problem.  There are many wonderful organizations that help young women everyday and they are:

There are more, but these are the ones that I’m most familiar with.  In your hometowns fill free to check with city Shelters, Churches, etc.  The key is to: SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stop by and hear her story! Maybe this can encourage others.
Be blessed

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