The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am thankful that Denise nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  When I started my blog, I  didn’t know anything about blogging. I didn’t expect a nomination for blogging.  Ha! Ha! I just wanted to share my dreams with others! I wanted to bring light to dark situations, and give others Hope.

Thank you Denise, for making me smile.

The Rules

Of course this is a major responsibility, and one I wasn’t aware of . I posted above a link to the one who nominated me. Now I’ll gladly; (1) post the award to my page; (2) list seven  things about myself; (3) nominate a few awesome blogs that has inspired me.

Who Am I

1. I love God and sharing with others about His goodness.

2. I am an Extrovert who is shy when meeting others for the first time.

3.I’m beginning to release my fears of writing and speaking in front of others.

4.I love to travel with my husband and family.

5. I love to shop in flea markets, thrift shops, etc.

6.I love seafood and Italian food. (Yum)

7.I love to read different books and write in my journal.

Now, I’m going to list the blogs that has inspired me.








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