The Spirit Of God Moved

How might we go about understanding who God is? First, to understand God we must want to know him. There’s something powerful about the phrase, “The Spirit Of God Moved.” It means, that God isn’t an idol made from stone, or dead. He is Divine and All-powerful. When he moves, it behooves us to move with him. In the Tanakh, the word Ruach means wind, breath, mind and spirit. God is the creator of the ruach (Job 27:3).  He created mankind, animals, waters, earth, world, etc. In fact, when we’re talking about God the word, ruach refers to, “God’s creative activity.” This is how we know that our gifts and talents comes from him. Who taught you how to sing, dance, write, speak, draw, and build? It doesn’t matter if you went to school and gained knowledge. He gave you the wisdom and want to learn. He gave you other gifts and talents that I didn’t list above. Amen!

     The spirit of God moves shows his active power. Essentially the Bible tells us that we do three things in him: “For In him we live, move and have our being; ! As even some of your own poets have said, For we too are his offspring.” Acts 17:28 (NRSV). Beloved, God designed this world, and the world is his glorious masterpiece. He is an independent God, and we’re dependent on him. In Genesis 1:31, “God saw everything that he had made and indeed, it was very good.” He was pleased with his creative activity. He wasn’t disappointed in anything he made. When you’re going through hard times remember that you please him. God is the original and only author of, “The Creation.” The famous Inventor of the, “Principles Of The Creative Order.”

Did you know that everyday he imparts his inventions to the world? The Spirit Of God Moved Many of us have suffered abuse, depression, loneliness, and death. We didn’t grow up rich, lived in the best neighborhoods, or went to Ivy-League colleges. Whatever has happened in your life God knew about you. How do you think you made it? Beloved, you’re still here. Look at yourself you’re still standing. In spite, of afflictions, calamity, low self-esteem God loves you. He deserves praise! Everyday his spirit moves over us to protect, guide, and bless us.

Be Blessed and stay encouraged. He didn’t create you to destroy you Amen. Keep looking up!


The NRSV Bible with the Apocrypha
The NRSV Bible with the Apocrypha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Janiese Wesley

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