Gracious Rose

English: The picture of a typical red rose whi...
English: The picture of a typical red rose which blossomed in my garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     I am dedicating this poem to people who’ve lost  their way, and who doesn’t believe in hope or faith.  Sometimes we lose our way, and forget who we are.  To me the most startling thing is seperation from God forever.  Today, I want to remind you of God’s love.  Hey, put your boxing gloves down, knock down those walls and that fortress around your heart.  Some of us has gone through a life of hardships and calamities, and we’ve never seen God work on our behalf.  Or its been a long time that we’ve seen God move, and forgot how to rest in Him.

Perhaps your picture of heaven and God is a distorted picture of  a hateful God that’s wants to destroy you with fire.  If so, that isn’t  the God I serve.  My God is a loving and faithful father that takes care of me.  He isn’t far away from me.  I can touch  him through prayer and praise.  He isn’t dead, and he does exist. Yes, he loves you very much.  He’s in the air that we breathe,  a warm smile from a stranger, and a hug from a loved one.

Beloved, he created you in his image.  He didn’t create anything bad or ugly.  I hope, that this poem ministers to you. I wrote this during a time when I lost my way from God.  I forgot how to talk to God. I allowed my will to take over His will for my life.  This was the darkest season of my life, but I found my way back home.

Gracious Rose

Gracious rose come to me,

and grace me with your gentle presence.

No one knows your destiny or purpose.

I kept you hidden until now.

In the dirt, I gave birth to you,

And from there I worked a marvellous masterpiece.

Pain and strife called your name, but you didn’t hear the

sound of death gnawing in your ears.

Instead, you rose tall above your adversaries and Blossomed!

Then you bathed and danced in the warmness of my son.

You danced all night to the rhythms of the wind.

No one knows your destiny but me,

And death still calls your name.

However, you’re not listening.

Rising is your purpose.

Rise, Rise, Rise

Gracious, Gracious, beautiful rose.

Copyrighted and written by Janiese Wesley@

Thank you,



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