The Soul Of Man (Me)



     Inside of you and I there is a little world.  A little world consisting of heaven and earth.  God made us out of dirt from the ground.  Did we think to make ourselves from dirt?  No! Last month I turned 41 years of age, and this is a wonderful accomplishment. So many wonderful memories of my teen’s, twenties, and thirties come to mind.  What a glorious milestone? It’s amazing how in my younger days, I never pondered on getting older.  In fact, I was too busy having fun, and living carefree.

     I barely thought about the future.  Seriously, do we ever think about the future? Sometimes, life is so confusing.  For example, when I die, where will I spend eternity? What college will I attend? Where will I work?  What neighborhood will I live in? What kind of car should I drive? Many times we’re overwhelmed with so many decisions, and very little time for important stuff.

If you told me that I’d only finish two years of college before I got married, adopt two younger siblings, work full-time, and help out in my parents ministry I’d laugh at  you.  According to Wikipedia the word, soul means, “immortal essence of a person, living thing, or object.   Christians believe, that the soul is capable of union with God.  Also soul can mean, “the spiritual part of ourselves, our mind, psyche (self), of a person.

     Our soul houses our mind, will and emotions.  It describes who we are, our personalities, and intellect.  The word of God says,

English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul
English: Holistic health, body, mind, heart, soul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

                                                 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord.  So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin. (Romans 7:25)

     The mind is very powerful.  It’s with our minds that we serve the Lord.  In fact, Satan loves to attack us in our minds.  If he can defeat us there, he’s won!  In our minds, we can imagine, form ideas and  think.  In our mind, we can create thoughts and memories whether good or bad.  If something happened in our past, that was very traumatic we will remember the event.  Our thoughts tell us how to respond to a thought or memory.  I still vividly remember how in grade school, the kids called me horrible names like, “Skinny-minny, A broomstick with hair, and Olive Oil.

     Many years I carried bitterness and resentment in my heart toward people.  As I grew older, I decided, “I’ll get them before they get me!” Who hasn’t felt that way before?  Needless, to say I didn’t have very many friends with that mentality.  At a very early age, I fought back by using the, “art of sarcasm.”  Sarcasm  defined as, ” To make mockery, or contempt; to ridicule.”

     Sarcasm protected me from getting hurt.  As a warm blanket, it covered me  from verbal insults from others.  For example, if someone called me a name, I’d hit them with a sarcastic remark.  In many ways, it gave me the upper hand over them, and I wounded them.  In my late thirties, close friends and family shared with me, “You don’t care about me!  You’re so rude and nonchalant about life!”  The truth of the matter is, “Sarcasm” comes from a deep, hurting place inside of someone.  

     Since I’ve turned 41, I’ve learned what others see in me.  They’re looking at my soul.  This is critically important for everyone to go on a journey of, “self-discovery.” I know, you’re reading this and saying, “Why? There’s  nothing wrong with me.”  You’re probably right about that!  Of course, I don’t think anything wrong with me either.  Again, this is my journey.  I hope, that I can help others who maybe going through this, or other issues.

Time For Reflection

     As a child growing up, my family loved playing the. “dirty dozens.” No, they’re not bad people, but they loved to joke, and they still do(some of them).  However, I hated being the object of a joke. When the joke was about me, I’d land a witty, cruel response.  Needless to say they’d shout, “You’re too serious!”  I’m discovering who I am through the eyes of Jesus Christ.  The last several posts has been about me, and my struggles of finding myself.  I guess, finding my soul.  Matthew 16:26 reads

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your own soul. (New Living Translation 2007)

In contrast, I’m asking you to embrace Jesus question.  It’s tempting to strike at others who mistreat you. It’s tempting to hold up the finger when a car cuts in front of you on the highway(I know). It’s tempting  to cheat on your tax return, or overlook the homeless person on the corner, holding up the sign, “Willing to work for food!”  It’s hard doing what’s right.  As you’ll see in the posts ahead, losing your soul isn’t worth it.  In the end, where will you spend eternity?  I want to help you see yourself through the eyes of Jesus, and not react out of emotions.

All of my life, I’ve reacted out of emotions.  I was hurting and insecure about many things.  I lost a lot of time, relationships, jobs, etc. I couldn’t control my emotions. 

I want to show you  that God created you in His Image.  Friend you’re amazing!  I’m hoping that as I  work  through my personality defects, that you’ll gain confidence to work through yours too!

Amen.  I love you guys.

Be Blessed(smile)

Janiese Wesley

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