Paradise:My Inheritance

Heaven Is Paradise

How can I get back to Paradise?

Supposedly it’s a place for me.

But it doesn’t seem real to me.

I’m told it’s not a dream or fairytale.

It isn’t fiction/It’s my inheritance you see.

My spiritual parents had authority over all earthly things.

I can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I’m a Kings kid/reigning in high places/walking on streets of gold/nations giving into my bosom.

I’m told that I’m an Eagle with wings, and that my purpose is to sing.


Heaven is Paradise

Paradise is Heaven

Not made my man’s hands

Designed and crafted by God/the original designer.

Creator of this world/All things he made.

He knows our spiritual parents sinned, but God doesn’t hold that against you and me.

Eve tempted by Satan/Adam tempted by Eve

Then God reminded me that if I come into His Rest/Salvation

I’ll have Life/Everlasting Life

        An Abundant Life

Life of peace and Victory.

This world isn’t my home.

I’m just passing through until He parts the sky.

For now I’ll go through Pain and Joy until he comes Back.

       Heaven is Paradise

       Paradise is Heaven

Live a Holy Life

Keep His Word

Follow His Light

and I’ll live in Paradise………

Copyrighted and written by Janiese Wesley@

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