Then He Found Me

English: Straight road down to the river Eden                  Where Are You Going?

                I want to tell you three things that I discovered about our Spiritual Parents.  It’s amazing how God doesn’t hold our faults and sins against us.  When we fail, he still has a plan for us.

                 1. Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating of the tree of good and evil.

     2.  They allowed Satan to deceive them.

     3.  Adam the (Covenant Keeper) broke relationship with God

      When Eve ate of the tree of  good and evil, it wasn’t that she couldn’t eat any fruit.  If  so, God would’ve told them not to eat any fruit.  The sin is that she ate the fruit on the tree that led to Hell.  How many times do we eat things that lead to hell?  For example, committing adultery on our spouse. Or watching pornographic movies on TV. or on the Internet.  Or what about lying, cheating, and gossiping?  Sin is sin.  The other day the Holy Spirit said to me, “Sin keeps your water supply from flowing!”

     I didn’t know what to do.  As a matter of fact, I said, “Lord what have I done?”  I decided to pray and ask God to show to me the sin that stopped my water supply from flowing.  I can’t afford to have spiritual plumbing problems.  Finally, God said that Adam and Eve’s biggest problem was allowing satan to deceive them.  Have you been deceived by someone?  Or did you deceive someone? HM!  Don’t look suprised..if you have repent, go on, and try not to do it again.  Amen!  When you don’t understand who you are, it’s easy for others to deceive you.

     If only she recognized that she was like God.  God made them in His image.  But after satan deceived Eve, she then gave the fruit to Adam, and he ate it too.  Now Adam God’s (Covenant Keeper) breaks his relationship with God by chosing to sin. Adam didn’t count up the cost.  He chose a short moment of ecstasy over keeping his promise to God.  Wow!

     How many of us chose ecstasy over keeping our promises to God? Guilty!  I know that I am Guilty.  Everyday we eat of that tree of good and evil.  How about eating on, “The Tree of Life.”  Had they ate of that tree, on a daily basis they would’ve received eternal life.  However, many times we chose the forbidden fruit, instead of, what’s good for us.  I’m saying all of this because I just woke up and discovered myself.  When I lost my job of twenty years, I went on this journey.  I needed to find God.  Guess what?  He found me.

     Rather than end up on a road that can only lead to Hell, I chose life…eternal life.  Eden is heaven, and my destination is living with God in Paradise! Whenever, you’re ready to find your true self, God is ready to show you.  Yes, He may show you things about  yourself that you’ll hate, but God loves you.  Don’t forget that he made you special.  Grab ahold of that and smile the next time satan tells you that God doesn’t love you.  Just work hard at finding out who you are, and what God is saying about you. Whatever he shows you write it down and pray over it.  Enjoy the time He spends with you.  If something awful comes out of it…relax and release it to him.  He’s trying to teach you a valuable lesson about Life. If tears begin to flow don’t try to stop them.  Instead, let them heal your inner soul. God speaks to everyone differently, but He does Speak.  Quiet yourselves and Listen!

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