Welcome To The Garden Of Eden

 Eden: My Final Destination

The Place Where I Found Me

Not in purity or in holiness merely, for in Paradise man was holy, and he shall be holy when redeemed through the sacrifice of Christ and made an heir of heaven.

-Matthew Simpson

     The purpose for this post is to remind Christians of their future, as well as, non-believers who want to know God.  Eden represents Heaven.  This is why God created, “The Garden of  Eden,”  because we’re Kings Kids. Wow!   Pam Vinnett  describes Eden in her book, Prophetic Covenants as, “This beautiful place was fertile, fully equipped land patterned after the perfection of heaven.”  In order to understand God, we need to comprehend, “Who God really is?”  Then we’ll understand, where we came from, and our destiny.

     We all have a beginning, middle, and an ending.  Whether we choose to believe it or not, there is a place called heaven and hell.  God and satan are as real as you and I.  God created covenants between himself and man to keep us in fellowship with him.  In my post, “Abrahamic Covenants, ” I shared with you how important covenants are.  A covenant is a,” formal agreement between 2 or more persons to do or not to do something specified. http://www.m.dictionary.com

Pam Vinnett continues to say, “…….it was sumptuous and a complete world for exploration and human enjoyment.”  We need to remember that God created Eden, for the purpose of saving our souls.  Through the Edenic Covenant we can have Eternal Life.  I bet, you’re asking,  “How is that?”  Well, come on into the Garden with me, and I’ll prove it to you.  Scientists has challenged the existence of God, and the garden of Eden by saying that, “God doesn’t exist, or Eden is a Jewish fable.  Hogwash!  I don’t care what a bunch of scientists are saying about our existence, and collecting a huge paycheck.  I do believe in the Bible, and if Eden, is in the Bible…….then its relevant for me right now!

English: The Garden of Eden by Jacob Savery
English: The Garden of Eden by Jacob Savery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

           Truth Revealed

     Can you imagine how satan felt for God to kick him out of heaven from his high place?  The Bible says he was, ” a cherub who God made perfect, beautiful, and intelligent.” (Ezekiel 28:12)  Satan lost favor with God by boasting, “I will be like the most high God.” (Isaiah 14:44)  In the Garden of Eden, satan knew that if he could entice mankind to disobey God, in the same way he did, he would gain a new seat in dominion. 

     In fact, v. 13 says, “I will exalt my throne above the stars of God.”  This is why it’s important for us to check our motives, and make sure that we’re pleasing God.  In my post, “The Soul Of Man (Me), I told you that, “its with our minds we serve the Lord.” (Romans 7:28)  Guess what?  Satan attacks us in our minds because this is where we create, form ideas, and imagine.  Our minds are very powerful, and satan wants our power.  When we say that, “There isn’t a God,” we give him power.  Immediately, we’ve eaten from the, “tree of good and evil,” just like Adam and Eve. (I’ll talk more about this later).

     God is so important on our journey through life.  We need God to lead us through our battles and issues.  Even if you feel like you fought your own battles, it was God fighting with you.  I guess, He was a silent partner.  He was only silent in the sense, that you didn’t know He was there.  But there’s something else that I need to remind you of and that is His son, Jesus Christ.”  God gave his son to us as a precious gift, and many of us refuse to acknowledge that He exists.  We know that God is real, but Jesus in many religions is only seen as, a good man.  He’s not seen as our savior, Lord, and King.

                     As for me, I chose to know Him.  I crave and want his touch…..I need Him now.

Hey ya!  Follow me to the next Post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eden project flowers


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