He Is My Rock

Misty Rocks 2
Misty Rocks 2 (Photo credit: Floccinaucinihilipilification)

I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.”

                                                     ~Psalms 91:2

     Wow…everytime I think of the word Rock” I think of two men in my life.  The first greatest man in my life was my father (deceased). He was a godly man who had great faith,  and integrity.  He loved my mother, our family, and life.  I miss his sense of humor everyday. The second greatest man in my life, is my wonderful husband, Richard.

In December, we’ll be celebrating our 16th year Anniversary. (((crying))))  I can’t believe, that we’ll be married 16 years.  My husband has several amazing qualities, But I’m going to name a few. He’s my best friend, kind, passionate about me, God, and life. (((smiling)))  I call these two men, “My Rock.”  Whatever I need..my husband will give it to me.  He loves me just that much, and I love him too.

     So here I am…getting ready to tell you an amazing true story about how God is my, “Spiritual Rock.” When I didn’t know to trust him, he protected me during times of great danger.  Sit back, relax and read this story.

     Years ago, my parents stopped at a local convenience store.  My mother stayed in the car, but my father and I went in.  At the time, I was about five years old.  I had a terrible habit of wandering off.  While my father talked to a man he knew, I wandered into the candy aisle.  At the end of the isle, stood a tall man wearing dirty clothes.  He smelled like sweat and alcohol.  He ran over to me, grabbed me, and set me on his shoulders.  Shocked.  I wanted to SCREAM. I couldn’t open my mouth. In fact, I couldn’t tell you how long he had me. I know, that it felt, like eternity.

     As the man paraded me around in the store, we ran right smack into my father.  My father yelled, “Terick put my daughter down now, or it’s you  and me bro.”

     Terick grunted, and gently lowered me to the floor.  My father yanked me so hard my arm hurt from the pull. Then he paid the owner of the store, and carried me to the car.  When we got into the car, he told my mom the entire story.  She cried, “Lord, my baby!” Then she turned around and fussed at me on the way home.  After that day, I decided not to ever wander off from my parents again.

     As I grew up, I learned that Terick and my father went to school together.  Apparently, he underwent some deep struggles in High School, and started doing drugs and alcohol.  Later on in years, my mother told me that she spent alot of time praying for my siblings and I.     Looking back on the incident, he would’ve raped me, or killed me.  But God didn’t allow that to happen.  The other day my mom told me that Terick  robbed a store at gunpoint, and someone killed hi.  James 5:16 reads,

The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

In my time of danger, God moved on the prayers of my parents.  He protected me from danger.  In conclusion, I learned that not all paths lead to God. Yet, there’s a divine connection between God and man.  I explained that to you in my last several posts entitled, The Journey: He Made In Me.”  Sometimes, we experience pain, death, sickness, and danger and can’t explain it.  We give no thought to who wakes up in the morning, or who protected us from sickness, death, etc.

 In fact, we call it merely a ,”Coincidence.” The true lesson for me was recognizing that I am loved by God.  At the age of five, I encountered,  God’s gift of protection.  When I think about how I could’ve got raped, kidnapped or killed I begin to cry.  I thank God for his mercies.  They’re new every morning. (Lamentations 3: 22)  His mercies never fail us, or come to an end.  His gift of protection is bigger than you and I.  Its very hard to comprehend his love for us.

     I hope, you’ll be inspired to keep reading my posts.  Some of you didn’t know about Psalms 91, or that God will protect from things that Satan meant to kill you.

Please share with me below times that you were in danger!

He Is My Rock!

Rock Me Baby
Rock Me Baby (Photo credit: Bruce McKay Yellow Snow Photography)

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