Arrow of Darkness

“Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day.”
~Psalms 91:5

Did you know that terror, arrows, pestilence, and destruction came from satan?  However, God can deliver us from them all. Satan aims his deadly arrow at the hearts of God’s people to destroy us. But the Bible reminds us that, “it will not destroy the righteous.” Ps.11:2. God sees and knows all things. He will protect us from the cunning hatred of men, heresies, and temptations. Although satans shoots his arrow, it will not destroy us. That’s why it’s important to say to the Lord, “You are my refuge and fortress. I trust in you Lord.” Ps. 91: 2

Years ago, my grandmother sang a song called, “I shall not be Moved.” Read these words,

I shall not
I shall not be moved
Just like a tree thats planted by the water
I shall not be moved.

As christians, I encourage you to trust in God. Whatever comes your way please know that your life is in the hands of God.   You’re probably wondering, why am I talking this way?  I’ve seen how satan comes after the saints of God to destroy our purpose and destiny.   Several years ago, I taught preschool in a rural area of Mississippi. As lead teacher, I had a teacher’s assistant who worked closely in the classroom.  Everytime, I asked her to help control the children, write Lesson plans, or teach, she’d ignore me.  This wasn’t a one time event.  Actually, this happened everyday for a year.  Finally, I decided to ask her if I’d offended her, and to my surprise she asked, “What do you mean by this? I don’t want to talk to you.” She stomped out of the room, and she didn’t come back until an hour later.  Have you noticed how some people can really get under your skin?

I tried talking to the Principal, but she felt that I wasn’t listening to my co-worker.  For the whole school year,  the other teacher’s laughed at me, and mocked me.  One day my co-worker decided to talk to me, and in a southern drawl she explained, “Wesley you’re not from here, and you talk different. You got my job! I’m supposed to have that job, but I ain’t got my degree yet!”

I thought, “Finally she speaks, but I wasn’t prepared for this!”  This was crazy, so I asked, “Is this why you treat me this way? Why didn’t they give my job to you instead of hiring me?”  I had never had this happen to me before.

Then the next thing she said took my breath away and not in a good way.  Her voice grew louder, and her eyes grew dark, dark.  Then she said,  “…..there you go again asking questions.  What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you let things be?”

Then the conversation went sour.  Instead of me praying, I told her what I thought about her and Mississippi.  In otherwords, I told her where to stick it (If you know what I mean). Now, I didn’t use profanity, but I said enough.  Let’s just say that we had an understanding.  Guess what? The rest of the year went downhill.     At the end of the year, the Principal gave me a horrible evaluation, and she told me that she gave my job to my Co-worker.  She didn’t fire me, but she demoted me!  I wondered, “On what grounds?”  She informed me that I wasn’t from Mississippi,  and my teaching style wasn’t what she needed.

Wow!  That arrow was sharp and it literally destroyed my feelings.  Satan came after my character.  God, however, reminded me that, “I wasn’t fighting against people, but against evil forces.” (Ephesians 6:12)  Did I mention that, “arrows of darkness,” can mean several things?”  At the beginning, I said that, God will protect us from cuning hatred, heresies, and temptations.  The amazing thing about God is that He helps us even if we are stubborn.  In my situation, I allowed my flesh to take control.  I believe, if I prayed sooner God would’ve protected me from embarrassment.  I failed to trust God and stand on Faith.  Remember if we’re walking with God, He will protect us from public scandals, calamity and destruction.

Some of you are asking, “Will God protect us from natural disaster, polluted water, contaminated food, germ warfaare and chemical warfare?”  Yes the Bible tells us in , Mark 16: 17-18 that, “These signs will accompany those who believed….if they drink any deadly poison it will not them.”

god (Photo credit: the|G|™)

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