God Is For Us

I know, that it’s been awhile since we last talked.  I apologize for that.  Here’s a brief update of what God is doing in me. God has blessed me with favor on my job.  This past February, I received a promotion as Outpatient Case Manager at a women’s shelter. It’s amazing. I’m working with women and their children everyday.  I haven’t walked in their shoes, but they’re teaching me that determination is the key.  Well, I must brag on God for a minute.  Wait a minute….let me get my praise on. (laugh)

When God blesses us, he does well.  He doesn’t half do anything.  In the past few months, I’ve shared Psalms 91.  I’ve shared a few testimonies about God’s protection and why we should partner with him.  In God, there’s a secret place. A place of rest and assurance that he’ll take care of us.

Today God is allowing me to conclude this series with a word of encouragement. Many of you heard about the Boston blasts. No one can find who did it. The media is saying that the injuries are like war wounds.  USA Today shows a women kneeling in prayer after the first explosion. This is what everyone needs to do. PRAY!!

People, this is enough to cause fear and panic.  President Obama stated, “We’ll get down to the bottom of this.” We can’t do anything without the Lord.  Satan crept in unaware and no one saw him. God allowed this to happen. He’s trying to get our attention.  America was  celebrating. It took us by surprise…nobody expected this to happen.  What’s my point?  America needs to pray like never before. I believe, that God is trying to get our attention.

god (Photo credit: the|G|™)

In your spare time please follow the link above and share this with others. It will bless you and give you hope.

An Encouraging Word

The Lord is our shelter in the time of the storm, bombs, war, death, and famine, etc.

Ps.91 reminds us, that we don’t have to fear, or worry because “God is for us!”

Verse 9-12 is a promise from God that clearly states, “If we make him our refuge,  our God and shelter no evil will conquer us. No plague will come nigh our dwelling. God assigns angels to protect us and keep us safe.  Will you pray today? Will you trust God?


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