How to Speak Truth

Having Trouble Telling The Truth is very difficult for some people.  However, some people have mastered the skill of telling the truth without hurting other’s feelings.

Several weeks ago I stumbled upon a young woman video who called herself a christian.  She shouted, ” I’m a christian that cusses, and so what!”  Now I look at A lot of YouTube videos and I never responded to a video before.  In fact, the more I sat there and watched the more I became upset. It’s one thing for unbeliever’s to cuss, because they’re not calling themselves a Christian. It’s wrong for a Christian who speaks in tongues, quotes scriptures, believes in the Holy Spirit, and who feels that they can say and do whatever they choose.

I kept hearing the Holy Spirit telling me to respond. I didn’t know what to say, and I certainly didn’t want to offend this young woman.  Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines the word, keeper as, “To watch over, defend, and to take care of.” This young woman had a word for our young people today.  However, I couldn’t hear the word for the use of profanity that came out of her mouth.  It wasn’t used one time, but all throughout her video.  She reminded everyone that we didn’t have to watch her, and that she’s a grown woman who can preach God’s word.

She said, “God doesn’t care what comes out of my mouth! He’s only looking at my heart.”  Then she continued, “y’all need to read your Bibles cause God didn’t say anything in His word about cursing.”

Then God reminded me of the story about Cain and Abel in Genesis 4. You know both brothers offered up a sacrifice to God, but God didn’t receive Cain because he didn’t give his best offering.  God favored Abel because he brought the fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock.

In Verse 9 God asks Cain,”Where is your brother Abel?” Cain responded in verse 10, “…….Am I my brother’s keeper?” Friend’s we need to share God’s word no matter who gets offended.  Did you know that God’s word is Truth! We’re living in the last days where the Bible says that people, “are lovers of themselves.”


Yes we are our brothers and sister’s keeper! I know that some people rather hear a lie than the truth. Sometimes we prefer to hear exaggerated stories that entertain us.  Where’s the truth? So I commented and told her what God says in his word about cursing.  I told her that God loves her, and that he wants her to share his word by telling the truth without using profanity.

Well, she got upset and told me, “I didn’t have to watch her channel anymore.  Then she asked,”How are you going to tell a grown woman how to talk?”



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