Take Your Sisterhood Deeper

Sisterhood is stong Sisters be kind and respect one another.
Sisterhood is strong
Sisters be kind and respect one another.

There’s something special about true sisterhood-the kind where women share secrets, excited to see one another, and lifting up each other through dark times.  Sure women fall out from time to time, but nothing is more powerful than sisterhood. Sisterhood isn’t only for biological sisters, because your sister is your next door neighbor, best friend, co-worker, etc.

Listening to each others dreams, disappointments, and issues will enhance your sisterhood.

When is the last time you had a heart to heart talk with your BF, and she didn’t judge you?  Did she listen to you, or just talk about herself?  Are you always there for her, and she’s never there for you?  Maybe, she’s there for you and you’re not there for her.  Ladies it takes practice listening to conflict.  When you’re tired, and going through personal issues, it’s hard listening to someone else. But a True Sister Makes Time!

While you’re talking about your day, if your BF is quiet don’t think that she doesn’t have something to say.

I have a friend that I’ve known for several years, and every time we get together she talks about herself.  She’s been like this for years.  I feel, that she’s self-absorbed, and drama finds her.  Usually, I sit waiting to speak, but it’s hard getting anything in.  Sometimes, I ask,”Can I say something?”  She’ll say, “Oh my bad girl-Go ahead!”  Just as I open my mouth to speak she starts talking again.

In later years, I’ve learned to checkout of the conversation by daydreaming or playing on my phone.  If we’re talking on the phone, I’ll put the phone on speaker and do something around the house.  She never notices that I’ve put the phone on speaker.  I know, that’s wrong to walk away or daydream, but I’m tired of asking, “Can I say something?”


When I told her how I felt, she apologized and said, “My bad…..I needed to talk to you!”  I told her that I understand, and that I want to hear what she has to say.  But I’m feeling that  she doesn’t value our friendship.  She felt terrible about this, but still didn’t change.  Ladies listen to your BF, and learn to appreciate each other.  You both can take turns talking.  A conversation is active and everyone can share.

Sisterhood is Strong. Ladies be kind and respect one another.

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