Know Who You Are

      I’m able to share my life experiences, so that others can learn from them.

Recently I chatted with one of my younger sisters named, “Jasmine” about children, money, and men. I’ve called her,”Queen” for years because there’s something special about her, but she doesn’t know it.  My mother asked me, “Why did you name her that?” I guess I started calling her, “Queen,” when I noticed how she agonized over her weight, her hair, and body shape.  We always thought that she was beautiful, and we told her often. However, Jasmine struggled with her weight and looks.  She’d put on clothes, and cried about how fat she looked.  Or she’d wear a coat in the summer to hide her arms.

As an older sister, I talked to her about loving herself and to think about two or three things that she liked about herself.  Jasmine tried this for a while, but gave up because she couldn’t lose the weight. I remember telling her, “Queen you have a beautiful voice.” She nod her head and said, ” I know,” as if to say, “What am I going to do with this?” At age 15, she started hanging around the wrong crowd in school.  When she turned 16 she said, “I can’t wait until I turn 18.” I asked her, “What’s so special about turning 18?”

She’d smile and say, “Nobody can tell me what to do!  I’m going to ask mom to throw me a Graduation Party at the Hotel.” I laughed and said, “Yeah right……mom will never do that Queen.”

When she turned 18, she secretly went to a Hotel against my mother’s wishes, partied all night, and got high.  The next day my mom scolded her, and that night she jumped out of her window, and got into a truck with some boy. She didn’t come back home until weeks later.

LA Vie est belle

Life is beautiful.  Choose your own path to happiness.


Well you can’t believe everything you read in magazines, or see on TV. about life.  Yes my sister has chosen her own path, but it isn’t a path of happiness.  Two weeks ago, she came home high, with two kids, and no money.  Our family helped her and the children by patching them up with love.  Then she decided after staying a week that she’d go back to her abusive boyfriend. Today she called asking for money to buy Pampers, and expected us to wire her the money.

I love my sister and I asked her, “Why did you follow this man to Rhode Island? You moved without money or a job.” She said, “I know…..

Sisterhood is stong Sisters be kind and respect one another.
Sisterhood is stong
Sisters be kind and respect one another.

He’s getting work pretty soon.”

“Ladies know who you are and please love yourselves!”




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