Writing “Am I My SIster’s Keeper? “

I am Your Sister

I remember being laid off from one job, and demoted on another one. I felt overwhelmed,  and lost to end my teaching career. Everything happened so fast. One day I had a job, and then I lost them.
There’s pressure being a mother and a wife because our household needed the extra income to make.  Raising two children with one income  was very difficult,  and to make matters worse Bill Collectors harassed us everyday. The car company repossessed our car, and the mortgage company foreclosed on our home.

Walking In The Dark

With no car or home,  we was forced to move in with my sister and brother.  Not something I was used to dealing with. For several months my husband and I lived in a small bedroom with our boxes taking up the majority of space. I felt I was walking in the dark without a flashlight or a light to guide me.
Then I had a dream that I lived in a Homeless Shelter with other women and their children. When I finally woke up, I asked the Lord,  “Why?” I know that it’s wrong to ask the Lord why, but I needed answers.
Well God didn’t answer me until three years later when a, teaching job became available at my current job.
I applied and thus the journey began. In a one year time frame I got b promoted to the,  “Outpatient Case Manager,”.position. I was excited and scared  at the same value time. I didn’t think I had what it took to be a Case Manager, but God thought other wise. When God has something for you, no one can stop you.

Awakening The Senses

Several months on the job, God revealed to me that my clients and I have several things in common: 1. We are women, mother’s and sister’s.  2. We want to be loved and valued. All of us has an amazing story to tell, so let’s listen.
Are your senses awakened? What life lesson can you teach another person?  Learn to look past their walls and hear a sisters heart. She’ll write her story down if she’s not being judged.
Finally,  I learned to have patience with women who are different than me. WHEN I got out of that small bedroom, my perspective changed because my view changed. These posts is about being sensitive to other’s,  and leaving our glass houses to help someone else.

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