Awaken Those That Are Lost

In June 2013, the Holy Spirit said these words, “Dry Bones : Restoring ..” Restoring what I thought.  Actually,  I thought I heard the Lord saying” Restoring Fashion. ”  In my human thinking,  I started searching the Web for everything pertaining to fashion.
With me being somewhat of a fashionista I felt,  that maybe He was trying to tell me to start a fashion blog. Well, for a whole year, I researched on how to start a fashion blog, but I couldn’t do it. I’d pray and still I didn’t hear anything.

How many of you heard something from the Lord, and ran with only part of the vision? Well,  maybe that hasn’t happened to you…congratulations friend you are perfect.  Lol

One year later, I discovered that God isn’t trying to restore fashion because man created fashion.  Instead, God wants to restore our Brokenness.  The word, restore means to, “Return;  Renew; Rebuild.   ( Webster’s Dictionary).Dry Bones : Restoring Brokenness God’s desire is that we return to him, so that He can renew us, and His ultimate goal is to rebuild us.   God wants our hearts to come back to Him.   We spend alot of time working, surfing the web, and watching TV. But we never spend time praying or reading His word. He wants to renew our minds, and change how we think about Him. When I think about God and  how awesome He is – I smile. He thought enough about you and me to send His only child to die for us. Wow!

For the next month, I’m writing stories about 5 women who I find extraordinary.  There are plenty of reasons why I’m calling them extraordinary, (1) Each woman has a unique story; (2) they’ve learned how to have courage in the midst of adversity; (3) they’re learning how to love themselves no matter what others are saying about them.

Due to the lifestyles of the women, I’m not going to use their real names, or reveal their identities.  I’ll be using made up names, and the places in the stories aren’t real.

Now for the men who follow my blog, on Twitter please be of good courage.  I’m hoping that you’ll find something from these stories that are helpful to you too.

God loves us all, and I pray that these stories will bless you.
Let me know what you think.  BE BLESSED l

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