Aunt Toots Smile


Hello everyone its been awhile. I’m back just like I promised and this time I’ve written a poem about my Aunt Toot who passed away this past February. She was a very remarkable woman who loved God, family, and life.  She loved life, and celebrated others. I hope that you enjoy this Poem. Let’s take a peek inside her life!

Aunt Toots Smile

It was Summer…….

She had white pants on with a beautiful black blouse. Her gold sandals played peek-a-boo under those white fancy pants.

I thought, when I grow up I want to be just like her. As she laughed and talked to Daisy my grandma, and Aunt Melba, her hair gently blew in the wind.

I can still smell her perfume just like it was yesterday.

Aunt Toots Smile

She was classy, sexy, and a sophisticated lady.

She wore red nail polish on her fingers and toenails. I wondered, how long did it take her to look that beautiful.

I wanted to paint my nails red too, but I was just a little girl in pig tails.

As she talked, she raise her hands and diamonds danced on every finger.

Aunt Toots Smile

She never spoke very loud. Her gentle Spirit spoke for her.

Her smile brightened my day, and her wisdom drew broken and lost souls to her bosom.

She treated everyone with love and kindness.

She wasn’t one for gossip or silly chatter.

She’d give you a look, and you knew to hush up that crazy talking.

She didn’t care what you thought about her cause she was going to be herself.

Behind her smile she saw hardships and pain.

But she keep on smiling.

She captivated my heart like a single red rose standing tall and proud.

Aunt Toots Smile

Some wondered, “What her secret was?” They say,” Why she smiling?”

I believe that she saw heaven. She wasn’t afraid to love others unconditionally.

Aunt Toots Smile

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