Sisterhood: Modern- Day Feminism

When I started posting on Sisterhood, I thought about how society down plays self-objectification in our young girls.  Society approves that it’s alright for women to walk outside showing off bare breasts, butts, and mid sections.  On TV entertainers are dancing on stage showing bare butts covered with a tiny piece of fabric (Thong), and this is entertainment. It isn’t entertainment if we can’t shock people.   After all, it’s a free country and she can do whatever she wants to do. Right?  As Lady Gaga sings, “Do What you want To do to me,” young girls are bouncing their heads and popping their fingers to this catchy tune.

We’re not even thinking about the words to the song, or the message behind the Lyrics to this song.  The song gives men the right to rape us, beat us, etc.  I’m sure Lady Gaga will tell you that her song is empowering young women across America to be free.  She may think that she’s in control of her body, and that she decides who and what she gives herself to.  The Bible clearly states that, “Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?” 1 Cor. 6:19-20.  I know that this post today is sounding like I’m bashing Lady Gaga.  I think that she’s a beautiful young woman that is lost and deceived by this worldly system.

She isn’t the only entertainer singing songs with lustful, and perverted lyrics.  There are more entertainers doing the exact same thing she’s doing, and making millions in the Industry. Maybe, she isn’t trying to be an example to young girls across the world.  However, young girls are wanting to live her life.  This is a major demonic strategy that Satan is using to deceive our young people.  He wants our young women to believe that they are sex objects for men do them bodily harm.  Let’s not forget the videos that show woman drinking and enticing men in lingerie. Society cheers them on and say, “I wish I could do that.” Some crawl across the floor (Nikki Minaji) and lay on top of a man gyrating.

hen Beyonce belts out in her song,” Drunk In Love these words, ” I’ve been drinking, I get filthy when that liquor get into me…why can’t I keep my fingers off of it, baby? I want you na na.” What? Then we wonder why sex is running rampant in this world.  Basically, we’re giving the Porno- industry an upgrade to produce more filth.  Also, some sick pervert is watching these videos and listening to this filthy music, so they can attack another innocent victim.

When another rapist is running rampant, and a victim lives to testify it’ll be hard to put him away.  Society, will say, “It’s her fault!  She knew that she wanted it.  Her clothes were too tight!”  I’m shouting, “Where is Justice?”   Yes I know that people will say, “They’re just entertainers! It doesn’t have anything to do with the sex industry, rape, self-objectification, etc.” I wish that today’s feminism could resemble the model of the old days. Where we’d encourage young girls growing up to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc.  I believe, that the modern- day feminism has lost it’s foundation. It’s breeding victims, and not producing positive role models.  Instead it promotes uninhibited professions that leads to destructive behaviors.  Today’s feminism believes that it’s okay to be a slut as long as, you control your destiny.  Let a man do what he wants to do to you.  He may get your body, but he can’t have your mind.”

I leave you with these final words: SEX IS THE NEW FEMINISM. BARE IT ALL

Isn’t that a twisted message?

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