Rihanna at Kevin Durant’s birthday party in New York. (23rd September)

Wow I like this look on her. I almost didn’t recognize her. Rihanna is fully dressed in this photo.  Ladies self-worth isn’t in the clothes, make-up, or perfume we wear.  It comes from within a person.  It’s hard to have self-worth if you hate yourself .  Find two things you love about you and write them down, or post them somewhere.  It’s easy to forget what you wrote down about yourself.  Pull it out if you’re having a terrible day and you’re not loving you.

If you’re looking for a compliment and no one gives you one….Then you compliment you. This is how I encourage myself.  If I’m not my biggest fan than I can’t expect for others to cheer me on.  Are you saying, “What’s Rihanna got that I don’t have?”

Nothing. She doesn’t have anything that you don’t have.  Maybe she has money and you don’t, but money isn’t everything.  Yes, she’s smiling, but sometimes people smile to hide their true feelings. The fact is: You’re you and Rihanna is Rihanna.  What’s my point? You’re great the way you are darling.  You are unique and you’ve got talent and funkiness baby. The truth of the matter is: You Rock and Shine.!

I leave you with this………..Normal is in the eye of the beholder. ~Whoopi Goldberg

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