Lady In White

Hello this story, “Lady in White and Blue Moon, ” begins my “Restoring Brokenness, ” series. I hope that these stories will bless you as they did me. As always Be Blessed

Janiese Reveals His Heart

Hello Guys it’s been awhile, but I hope that you like this story.  I changed the name of the characters as well as, the location to protect the individuals.  I enjoyed listening to this young woman’s story and it blessed my Soul.  I pray that it will bless you too.  Be Blessed!

Lady In White

As far back as I can remember the color white always meant ,”Purity and the holiness of God.” I hated the color white ’cause as a chile growing up I’d git my outfit dirty on the way to church. My mother  beat me in the church bathroom fore we went into the sanctuary.

At times, Mamma was nice toward me and she’d encouraged me by sayin’, “Baby you are elegant, graceful, and invitin’…One day the men will worship you, and the women will hate you.” She’d continue, “But God will always love you, so hold your head up…

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