A Short Essay for Praying People

A But Now Moment


For many days, I prayed and fasted at the bottom of this mountain.
However God ordered me to meet him at the top of this mountain.
I said in a nervous voice, “God do you want me to climb up this mountain today?” I was scared of making this journey because I thought, what others would say.
I feared that my arms and legs would grow tired from the  climb.
Then I heard Jehovah Shalom say, ” A But Now Moment! “
Those words so powerful….
I screamed out of  frustration, ” My friends betrayed me, and my family  walked away from me. How can I do this? ”
Then God spoke, “Daughter does it really matter what others may say? People  laughed and talked about my son Jesus. They spat on him, and hung him on a tree. His best friend Judas betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver.”
I replied,”God why are you so persistent? I pray everyday, read my Bible, go to church every Sunday,  and give to the poor every Christmas. Isn’t this enough?
Then He asked, ” Do you love me?”
I replied, “Yes of course, I  love you?”
This was a stupid question
Then God continued, “This is a but now moment. ”
By now I grew tired of this conversation,  so why did I  ask? “God what is a but now moment? ”
With a gentle soft voice that felt like soothing warm water he answered, “As you climb extend your  hands higher, and lift up one foot at a time.  At first, the weight of your body will be heavy. But the higher you climb it’ll become easier.”
Then I  replied,  “God I’m not worried about starting it’s the middle of the climb that scares me. I hear what your saying, but  I’m trying to program my mind to do this task. All my life I was taught that if I can’t see it – it isnt real.”
God laughed and said, “My child you must only have faith to believe because seeing isn’t enough. I know that climbing this mountain is hard because unseen forces are trying to stop your climb. However, my angels and I  can see what you can’t see. Therefore,  we’ll fight off the  enemy with strong blows.”
I replied, ” Thank you God I will climb!”
AND I  climbed.
I put one hand above and pulled  both feet up one rock at a time.
Some days were hard because of the rain and seasons changing. At the corner of my eyes,  I saw the devil lurking. But God sent his angels to protect me.
Everytime I slipped, I heard the angels singing, ” A but now moment!  You can make it!
The moral of  this is : Seize the moment, and never give up.  Don’t let others define your existence,  or create your destiny. Be Blessed In order to hear from God we must go up higher.

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