For America


African-American uprisings
Ferguson, Baltimore, Denver
Whose responsible for all of this anyways?
News Flash!
The recent African American uprisings aren’t just police brutality .
I understand it’s black on black  crime
Policeman shooting and killing our black boys and men
Lynched gun down like wild animals
Some say it’s like slave days all over again
Except the cops aren’t wearing white hooded sheets
Your mouth dropped open in disbelief
why is this happening in 2015?

Is their Justice for America?
Don’t we believe in our National Anthem anymore?
My country tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing

Sisters and brothers I’m not giving a pass to those individuals destroying their communities with explosives, fire, and gasoline.
Protest if you need to, make noise if you  need to, but don’t destroy each other. Don’t tear up businesses and put people out of work.
I’m  only reminding you of what Dr. King said in his, ” Free at Last speech, We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence.”

More and more  I’m convinced, “If God is for us who can be against us. Romans 8:38”
But more and more we leave God out of our lives,government , and insist upon taking matters into our own hands
God’s name isn’t heard these days like it was heard long ago.
Instead we walk alone
marching ahead with our own agendas

It’s very sad that our government allowed policies of segregation  to go forth that keeps poverty in the inner cities
I’m crying out loud because racism still exist
We killed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Our modern day Moses

Yet we have African-American leaders who are following the trends of this government, and are afraid to  fight for their communities
Did they get the Memo?
We shall overcome…..keeping Dr . Kings dream of Justice and equality alive for everyone
They’ve allowed our inner-city of America to remain gutted like a dead fish. Ruined by predators who built magnificent things all around the inner city to keep certain groups out
Poverty-stricken  (the list goes on and on)
Where are the Christian leaders?
Church you are responsible for the  lack of  prayer and tent revivals.
Church leaders are afraid to  offend
Preaching watered down messages and giving false hope to a land in despair. (God will get you about this )

How can people stand around and let others tear up their communities?
How can Policeman stand around and  watch each other shoot and kill an unarmed man?

But not only that the leaders of yesterday are gone
where are the voices crying out  in the wilderness?

This poem I’ve written is to make us aware that it isn’t one group of peoples fault- it’s everyone’s fault.
We’ve allowed this to happen
God will keep  allowing this to happen until  we learn to  pray.
We must seek his face for the solution to such atrocities.
Jesus is coming back to rapture his church.
Let’s not have a spot or wrinkle
Lets weep between the porches and altars like never before.
Let’s get on our knees, repent, pray, and fast for forgiveness until we see change. Arise Shine for his light has come
The glory of the Lord has risen upon us.

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