For America

Janiese Reveals His Heart


African-American uprisings
Ferguson, Baltimore, Denver
Whose responsible for all of this anyways?
News Flash!
The recent African American uprisings aren’t just police brutality .
I understand it’s black on black  crime
Policeman shooting and killing our black boys and men
Lynched gun down like wild animals
Some say it’s like slave days all over again
Except the cops aren’t wearing white hooded sheets
Your mouth dropped open in disbelief
why is this happening in 2015?

Is their Justice for America?
Don’t we believe in our National Anthem anymore?
My country tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing

Sisters and brothers I’m not giving a pass to those individuals destroying their communities with explosives, fire, and gasoline.
Protest if you need to, make noise if you  need to, but don’t destroy each other. Don’t tear up businesses and put people out of work.
I’m  only reminding…

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