A Tribute to Women


I am beautiful…….there’s no doubt about it

I am mother of nature

I bring forth life and set things in motion.

I am beautiful….there’s no doubt about it

Everyday I wear many faces.

What face shall I wear today?

I will wear a face of pride! wpid-9006bdf1f325ab333e29065776315ffc.jpg

Pride for my people, and the many struggles we went through.

I am a proud woman of many colors

I am beautiful

Many say that I remind them of the scientific term, ” Nucleus.

I am the center of attraction.

I hold everyone around me in place.

Without my existence, life would finish, and the world would become chaotic.


Well what face shall I wear today?

I will wear a face of strength.

Can’t you see it in my graceful, long stridewpid-6f2a9f5ab35dd4b58c997ab67e062b7a.jpg



Watch me strut proudly down the street.

Don’t look away because you will miss a woman of great substance!

Hush child! I am not talking junk! God put in women the gift to organize, bring forth balance, and

Promote Change!

Hear me ROAR!

You cannot get rid of me.

I am woman!

I am beautiful!

Happy Mother’s Day

written by Janiese Wesleywpid-211c8c5b3367a4f03e06f89d31893eec.jpg

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