My Love Affair with Polko Dots

Good morning everyone…how are you this morning? I’ve been very busy with work, life, and summer.  It’s been two months last since I wrote anything in this blog. I read somewhere that if a person doesn’t write everyday that they’re lazy writers. Um-mm! Well, this isn’t the case with everyone. I only like to write if I have something to say. Today’s post I decided to showcase, ” My love affair with Polka Dots,” because I have a hard time walking in a clothing store and not buying that item.  Recently I read a fabulous post by Chloe Pantazi, “A Brief History of Polka Dots,” and I learned that the word Polka means, “little girl or woman.” The word Polka derived from, “Polish Woman.”

I think that Polka Dots make a woman stylish, creative, fun, and feminine. When I wear Polka dots, I feel sexy, and classy.  It takes a bold soul to wear those Polka Dots. Start your own love affair with Polka Dots, and go slow until you’re comfortable with them. Some women are afraid to wear them because of their size, so you can accessorize an outfit with a scarf, shoes, purse etc. Redefine your wardrobe with nostalgia and bliss.  The  dress I got from a friend and the shoes from a local Garage Sale. I’m not a professional model, so overlook the bad lighting. LOL


I’m wearing an Adriana Pappel white dress with black dots, a black belt, and black high heels shoes accented with a black and white flower.


Yes I must tell you that I’m a wig maker and I created this wig using Bobbie Boss Kaneklon braiding hair. I rolled the hair using flex i rods and then dipped it into boiling water. Make up was done by yours truly. Hopefully, my blog will encourage others to be themselves, and have fun. Bye

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