Vintage Victorious Glam


I’m a lot of things- Wife, mother,educator, minister, writer, social worker,

and fashionista. But above all else I’m a Daughter of the King.

Everyday I’m learning to be ME.

Yes I’m a roaring Crazy Christian

I’m clothed with earthly clothes, and beautiful pearls.

He’s given me his clothes of Righteousness. I am wearing His Grace

wpid-wp-1439171324251.jpg It’s His love that’s helped me this far- create a Life of Faith I love.

I think all women should embrace the body he’s given you and DANCE.

I’m celebrating the roaring 20’s

Modernity, a break of tradition, jazz and dancing. It took the world by Force.

I’m taking this world by Force through Prayer and His word.

He’s reinventing me with praise, dance and GLAM






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