Family Ties

wpid-2015-06-07-15.00.06.jpg.jpegHello I imagine you’re wondering where I’ve been, and why I have moments of disappearing. LIFE is all I can say. Life happens and it brings adventure, pain, strife, sickness and death. Though we’ve been apart you’re still in my heart. It sounds like words to a song. I don’t know if it is or not, but it’s a song that’s in my heart. I know that I’m rambling.

wpid-wp-1437910273251.jpgMany of you know that my mom was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, and she had massive surgery 2 months ago. I am pleased to say that she’s been given a clean bill of health.  The family was on an emotional roller coaster the majority of the summer as we prepared for this surgery and her down time. The Doctor caught the cancer in the beginning stages, however, she still had a complete hysterectomy. Then recently, I just lost my uncle two weeks ago. I lost him on the chair in Dialysis. He had a seizure in the chair. It happened so fast. I had just spoken to him two days before. My funny man is gone. Imagine that. Wow I’m tearing up writing about him now. The Lesson I learned is to value people while you can because you never know how long they’ll be around. I have a poem I’d like to share with you that I wrote years ago. This is the first time I’ve shared this, so today I’ll share it with you.

Family Ties

Family is a gift from God that binds people together as One.

When families work together by joining hands, it sends out a message to the enemy that

“Lines have been drawn… and do not cross over.”

A family does not have to be a traditional family.

Family is whatever you make it.

A family that sticks together is a powerful corporation.

It is strong and stands erect at all times.

Family ties can break if there is a leak or crack in the foundation.

Be Blessed


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