This writing is dedicated to the true Christians who believe in God, the Trinity, the life of Jesus, the Gifts of Tongues, heaven and hell.

I learned much of the word as a child growing up in church. I watched my parents and other adults who lived a life of Holiness in front of me. They weren’t perfect, but they believed in God and His word. Thank you for being a living testimony of who God is. I am honored to write this piece.

I am Escaping from the chaos of this world.

The consistent clamor coming from the local News, CNN, Dateline, Social Media,  and twitter, reeks of gloom and pessimism.

It doesn’t speak of hope, truth, and the life, death, resurrection and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Refrain from following well known men and women of God who stray away from Biblical truths. They love to preach watered down messages, and paint hell as being paradise..

They shout, “There’s no hell! There isn’t a devil. If there’s a devil you created it.

Sprint toward the feet of Jesus. Pray for mercy and Peace.

Search the Bible for yourselves

God will reveal his word to you. He will tell you his plan for your life.

He comes to those who seek him.

People who are lost-seeking words from profane individuals with secular views and motives that lead to confusion please pray for God’s help.


To the one and only true Living  God, the breath of Life, and Majesty.

I’m warning you to resist messages like, “Follow your heart! A heart that is sinful and lusts after the things of this world.

Don’t believe that , “There’s more than one way to heaven!”

In the Bible Jesus said to John, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father except through me.”

The human Psyche is combative, and hates the authority of God. It celebrates ,”Me, myself, and I.”

Secular Humanism doesn’t teach that God created us or the world.

It doesn’t teach that in Him we live, move, and have our being.

I know this word isn’t popular.

The idea that our existence comes only from God sounds insane, ludicrous, mad or crazy.

Yet lies and deceit our society cleaves to, and hold it close to our hearts.


Instead of respecting God who created us, we worship ourselves and each other.

Never acknowledging God,  and Jesus.

We worship the sun, moon, stars, celebrities.

We discredit Jesus by making him a good man.

We see the Holy Spirit as Science and not Divine.


To the one and only true living God, the Breath of Life and Majesty.

Pragmatic Christians sometimes stand alone.

We adjust our sails against the wind and Glide.

Like Jesus, we’re more concerned about practical application

and not the theory of religion.

Be Blessed

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