Truth Revealed

My Grandmother

2015-12-10-11.11.18.jpg.jpg This poem is in remembrance of my Grandmother Pastor Dorothy Williams who taught me about God, living righteous, and how to Pray.

Respectfully yours,

Janiese Wesley

Grandmother said to me

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop

I’d laugh

She’d say

Know your spirit

Know your spirit

The day you don’t know your spirit

is the day that you’re dead

A death that man can’t reverse

Prepare for your hearse

What will the preacher say over you?


I’m telling you the truth

If you don’t live right

The grave diggers will come for you

Serve Jesus in your youth

Follow him all through your living days

Don’t forget to watch and Pray

The grave diggers look for an easy prey


Living without Jesus

Believing in Nothing

robs you of eternal life

Ashes to Ashes

Dust to Dust

Jesus gave eternal life

to our world filled with strife

Many believe that there isn’t an afterlife

A big party

Carelessly gambling their life away

satisfying and fulfilling their appetites

Acting like everything is alright

And it’s not

Be wise

Live a pure life for God

or the grave diggers will come for you.

They’ve prepared a place for those who choose death

Choose Life

Like the woman at the well

Jesus died to save our soul from hell

Salvation isn’t for sale

It’s free

Truth Revealed







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