Cinnamon: Walmart Employee

Alarm clock going off

I got to get up



Yawl get up now

Get a move on

Mo ma can’t be late

It takes 2 hours

to get to work.

I swear I can’t wait

til income tax time

Mo ma gonna get a car (singing)

Laud yawl stop fool-in’ around

Who at that door?

Mr. Smith

What does he want?




What? I got til this evening to pay rent.

Mr. Smith

I told you I’d have your money-IN FULL

tomorrow morning.

I gotta work a Double.

Oh alright, Mr. Smith! Alright

Good day, good day!

I got the kids off to school.

Riding public transportation


some guy and his woman are fighting.

Bus arrives right in front of  Wal-mart.

I jumped out the bus and ran in to clock into my station.

I made a little conversation with a few people getting off.

I went to my station

Counted my drawer

turned my light on


my boss walked up and told me to clock out and go home.

I can’t go home

I need this job

I had this job for one week

And already they’re making me Clock OUT!

Word is, “They don’t need me today!”

What am I going to do?

I promised Mr. Smith I’d have his money.

Maybe, I can get to the Blood Bank before it closes.

By the time I got to the Blood Bank it was closed.

I went home and Mr. Smith was waiting on me to pay him.

I told Mr. Smith I didn’t have his money.

I’ll pay you tomorrow please give me one more day.

Mr. Smith face turned red

he looked real strange

I grabbed my kids who were hanging to my legs


I pleaded and pleaded with him not to evict us.


I lost another place to live.

By 6 p.m. all of my things were sitting on the curb.

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