Summer Fashion for $100

Hey yawl what’s up? Listen I want to show yawl a few things I picked up at some Thrift stores in KCMO and in Oklahoma.

People are constantly asking where I get my clothes, or where I come up with my ideas.  I am influenced by my surroundings and how I feel at that moment. I’ve learned to dress like I want to and not let others influence me. I guess I’d say that my style is big, bold, and  colorful with a lot of energy and passion.

Today’s styles are  for the working woman that  transitions from day to evening.
This floral off the shoulder dress I got from Savers thrift store. It’s the perfect dress for a Summer Wedding or a night on the town.

Dress cost $8.00

Necklace $5.00 Amazon

Shoes $5.00 Payless

Flower clutch purse store in Oklahoma (sorry I don’t remember the name)

Wig I created myself

I wore this dress to work. It’s actually 2 dresses that I layered that gives it a Boho look.

White Dress $1.00 Red Racks

Orange Dress $10.00 Goodwill

White lace sandals .50 Garage Sale

Coral purse $14.99 Crackerl Barrel (I cheated on this steal) I just had to have it ladies

Wig I created myself

I pieced this outfit together . This is what I enjoy doing.

Mustard Jumper $10.00 Plato’s Closet

Long vest was a long sleeved jacket that I cut the sleeves off just for fun. It wss created for s mustard dress that it covered, but I decided that it needed a makeover.

Shoes $80.00 but I got them for free. Ninewest creates fabulous shoes

Earrings $1.00 from a wig store

This little dress I picked up at a Thrift store in Mississippi about 5 years ago.

Dress $2.50

Necklace and bracelet. 50 Garage Sale

Wig I created myself

Dress $8.00 Carousel Thrift store in Mississippi

Shoes $5.00 Thrift store

Wig I created myself

Ladies it’s amazing what you can find at Thrift stores, Garage Sales, etc. There’s treasures waiting for you. All you need is time, an idea of what you want, and patience. In the future I’ll do a post on how to shop at a Thrift store.

Lion shirt  $5.00 Red Racks

Lion Skirt/ Yellow Tee $6,00 Plato’s Closet

Yellow Sandals $5,00 Payless

Yellow Bracelet  $2.00 Beauty Supply Store

Braided wig I created myself

Thank you so much be blessed!

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