The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Hot Summer days are gone now, but I wanted to show you a fun, free activity to do to keep the kids engaged.  I took my Niece, Nephew and their friend to the Kansas City Mo. Zoo. We had fun exploring the Australia Exhibit.  We saw some of the funniest animals that  had the nerve to be photogenic.  Our Zoo has several Playgrounds for the kids to play at if they get tired of walking.  I took them to the Three Billy Goats Gruff Playground where they fed the goats and walked across the Trip, Trap bridge.


Awe look at their little beautiful faces!!!!!



This little fellow sat out in the open and there wasn’t anything holding him in.  I told the kids that the Red Kangaroo was friendly, but I wondered if I spoke too soon. Many of the people that walked by thought he might jump out and chase them.  Several times he looked as if  he might leap and pounce us to the ground. OM! That’s one way to clear out a Zoo.  He posed for the Camera SNAP!





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