Get Away

Hey guys my family and I just came back from vacation.   We spent two weeks on a Land and Sea vacation.

Day 1

We flew from Kansas City, Mo. To Orlando Florida on Spirit Airlines.  Spirit is an Economy Airlines and they hold up to their name (Economy).  If you know how to pack and you’re on a budget Spirit is for you.

Then we stayed at Best Western Inn and Suites for one night.   Accomadations were great because the rooms were clean and spacious for a family of eight. We got two rooms that had 2 queen size beds, sofa that let out into a bed, microwave, icebox, etc.

Day 2 and 3

We ate their breakfast which was Amazing.  Luxury Shuttle picked us up and took us to Miami. We stayed at Miami 4days One Broadway a Condo for two days. We celebrated Thanksgiving at the pool eating Mama Soul food a ma and pa eatery.  Amazing!!!!


Day 4

We took 2 taxis that accommodated a family of 8 to the Port of Miami to Terminal G Enchantment of the Seas.  I’m sorry that I don’t have a picture of Ship.  We traveled with a 6 and 1 year old who were tired  by the time we boarded ship Lol. We cruised for 3 days porting at Cocacay Bahamas.




Day 5 Nassau Bahamas

We took a tour with Tony our tour guide, and he took us everywhere on the Island for $205. We  saw two Flea Markets,  Suburbs , Middle and Lower class of living, Parliment Building, Old Prison and New Prison Building, Queens Staircase, Columbus Point,  Fort Fincastle, Fort Charlotte, Balcony House. He took us to a park and beach for the kids. At the end of tour, he took us to Atlantis/Paradise Island.





I failed to mention that this was my forth time visiting Nassau Bahamas and it’s a place that I love. They’ve added many new attractions and they have one of the biggest Waterparks in the world. It isn’t cheap, but we managed to pay full price for three of us and the other three were free ahh! Amazing!!!20171126_123742

We went to Coral Towers, and saw the Digg, Paradis Lagoon and saw sharks and stingrays.  Then we visited Beach Tower and saw the beach, the falls, the drop, the surge, etc. We didn’t have time or enough money to do everything. But we will go back and do everything that Atlantis Paradise Island has to offer.

Be blessed

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