Is Etiquette a lost Art?

A summer ago I taught an Etiquette class to my Clients at my job. I taught them how to set the table. Many of them didn’t know what side the spoon, knife, and fork go on. Or what side the glass sits on.

Of course some women hated it, but when I showed the movie, “To Sir With Love,” it became a little clearer.

No Sidney Portier didn’t teach them how to set a table but he taught them how to dress. He taught them about manners and values. He taught the girls how to act around men. He taught them about being a lady and he taught the boys how to be men.

Also he prepared them for the real world and about Life. He told the girls that they were women now and deserved respect from men. He told the boys that they were men now and they needed to work.

On this day, I taught the women to hold their heads up high because they’re worth it. I had them dress up and walk down the runway. Then they were escorted to the table by the staff.

I’m not showing their pictures because of the HIPPA law because its against company rules to show their pictures. I wish I could show the entire day. The staff served them at the table and asked them questions about the class. The women were very nervous and forgot what I taught them.

At least they tried, and I grinned from ear to ear because they had fun. I didn’t want to make the lesson complicated. Many of our women were told by family, significant others that they are nothing . After awhile if told that you’re nothing then you’re believe it.

The purpose of this class was to teach the women how to dress, how to set a table, and what to talk about at a table.

Many of our women come to us broken, on drugs and homeless. They don’t know how to do much. I’d say 90% of my job I spend teaching them how to cook, clean, budget, paying bills, etc.

This is a picture of how I and the women decorated the tables. The women were proud of themselves.

This is a picture of my Executive director and some of the staff eating a delicious meal prepared by another Case Manager.

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