At All Cost


At All Cost

No matter what challenges come my way I choose to live for God

At All Cost

Men will chase their man made idols, but I’m going to to worship Him.

At All Cost

When all else fails and this world fades away ,I’m going to live for Jesus

At all Cost

When others try to lead me astray with their wicked words I’m going to focus on Jehovah Jireh

At All Cost

I’m running after Jesus

At All Cost

I’m denying myself

At All Cost

I’m taking up my cross

At All Cost

I’m following Jesus

At All Cost

I decided to follow Jesus

No turning back. No turning back to a world of sin and rebellion against the knowledge of God

At All Cost

I’m looking at the face of His Glory

My soul is waiting and watching for his return






This writing is dedicated to the true Christians who believe in God, the Trinity, the life of Jesus, the Gifts of Tongues, heaven and hell.

I learned much of the word as a child growing up in church. I watched my parents and other adults who lived a life of Holiness in front of me. They weren’t perfect, but they believed in God and His word. Thank you for being a living testimony of who God is. I am honored to write this piece.

I am Escaping from the chaos of this world.

The consistent clamor coming from the local News, CNN, Dateline, Social Media,  and twitter, reeks of gloom and pessimism.

It doesn’t speak of hope, truth, and the life, death, resurrection and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Refrain from following well known men and women of God who stray away from Biblical truths. They love to preach watered down messages, and paint hell as being paradise..

They shout, “There’s no hell! There isn’t a devil. If there’s a devil you created it.

Sprint toward the feet of Jesus. Pray for mercy and Peace.

Search the Bible for yourselves

God will reveal his word to you. He will tell you his plan for your life.

He comes to those who seek him.

People who are lost-seeking words from profane individuals with secular views and motives that lead to confusion please pray for God’s help.


To the one and only true Living  God, the breath of Life, and Majesty.

I’m warning you to resist messages like, “Follow your heart! A heart that is sinful and lusts after the things of this world.

Don’t believe that , “There’s more than one way to heaven!”

In the Bible Jesus said to John, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father except through me.”

The human Psyche is combative, and hates the authority of God. It celebrates ,”Me, myself, and I.”

Secular Humanism doesn’t teach that God created us or the world.

It doesn’t teach that in Him we live, move, and have our being.

I know this word isn’t popular.

The idea that our existence comes only from God sounds insane, ludicrous, mad or crazy.

Yet lies and deceit our society cleaves to, and hold it close to our hearts.


Instead of respecting God who created us, we worship ourselves and each other.

Never acknowledging God,  and Jesus.

We worship the sun, moon, stars, celebrities.

We discredit Jesus by making him a good man.

We see the Holy Spirit as Science and not Divine.


To the one and only true living God, the Breath of Life and Majesty.

Pragmatic Christians sometimes stand alone.

We adjust our sails against the wind and Glide.

Like Jesus, we’re more concerned about practical application

and not the theory of religion.

Be Blessed

Fall Fashion Thrift-store Haul 2015

I’m a lover of God and Fashion. I’m showing my version of Fashion, my way, my Style, and what works for me. I am different, unique and I am ME. I’ll be back with more Fall Fashion in a couple of weeks.As women we have our own style and n0 two women walk, sit, or talk the same way.That’s the beauty of being a woman.


Be Blessed

Be Bold

Be Courageous

Be You



I’m back again with my Vintage Victorious Glam. I’m working my Fall Fashion for 2015. Many of you don’t know that I like to shop at Thrift Stores, Garage Sales, and off the donation table at my job. Sometimes, people give me clothes and ask me, “What can you do with this?” The other day a co-worker gave me some clothes that’s gotten too small for her and she thought of me. I’m glad that she thought to give them to me because it’s getting cold here in KC. I love hand me downs, so if you’re wanting to get rid of outdated, in style clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. please inbox me. Thanks. The hair and jewelry was created by yours truly.

After this project, I’ll put some more outfits together and showcase them on this blog, or attempt to make a video. A few thought that I was hilarious the last time I made a video, and so did I. I am not a professional, but I love fashion and having fun. Below I put a few items together and took some pictures. Please don’t judge me. I apologize in advance if the lightning is terrible. LOL. All clothes I got free or bought off the clearance rack for $3-10.

wpid-2015-10-21_20.27.42.jpg   This is an outfit that I found at my job on the donation table. I’m wearing a Grey short vest. I’m not sure who designed the vest. I paired it with a grey shirt that has a 80’s vibe. It has imitation suspenders on it. Then I wore slim legged grey plaid pants designed by Ponte. The high heeled shoes has a grey, white, red  and black plaid pattern designed by Apt. 9.

Here’s an overhead view:

wpid-wp-1445205283829.jpg  Ha ha just being silly and having fun using my camera on my phone.

wpid-wp-1445205415950.jpg  Fashions love affair with animal prints. I love animal prints and mixing different animal prints together. I’m wearing a short sleeved brown, gold, and black leopard print top that I got from Rue 21. I paired it with a long pencil leopard, tiger, and cheetah skirt. The skirt I got from 579.

wpid-wp-1445477360775.jpeg   I love comfy street style clothes. I’m wearing a pink T-Shirt with black and hot pink Palazzo pants I got from Rue 21. I’m wearing hot pink velvet shoes with a wedged heel. Then I’m wearing a black long sweater with a f aux fur collar.

wpid-2015-06-02_21.47.53.jpg  I’m wearing a navy blue long sleeved short dress that I made out of a shirt. I paired it with bold, pink, navy blue, and green floral printed leggings with pink and denim Timberland boots.

wpid-wp-1445645669239.jpg  I’m wearing a black and red tweed jacket with a red blouse and black skinny legged pants. I paired the outfit with leopard printed lace up shoes.

Be Blessed. You may follow me on Instagram at JanieseWesleyWrites

Family Ties

wpid-2015-06-07-15.00.06.jpg.jpegHello I imagine you’re wondering where I’ve been, and why I have moments of disappearing. LIFE is all I can say. Life happens and it brings adventure, pain, strife, sickness and death. Though we’ve been apart you’re still in my heart. It sounds like words to a song. I don’t know if it is or not, but it’s a song that’s in my heart. I know that I’m rambling.

wpid-wp-1437910273251.jpgMany of you know that my mom was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, and she had massive surgery 2 months ago. I am pleased to say that she’s been given a clean bill of health.  The family was on an emotional roller coaster the majority of the summer as we prepared for this surgery and her down time. The Doctor caught the cancer in the beginning stages, however, she still had a complete hysterectomy. Then recently, I just lost my uncle two weeks ago. I lost him on the chair in Dialysis. He had a seizure in the chair. It happened so fast. I had just spoken to him two days before. My funny man is gone. Imagine that. Wow I’m tearing up writing about him now. The Lesson I learned is to value people while you can because you never know how long they’ll be around. I have a poem I’d like to share with you that I wrote years ago. This is the first time I’ve shared this, so today I’ll share it with you.

Family Ties

Family is a gift from God that binds people together as One.

When families work together by joining hands, it sends out a message to the enemy that

“Lines have been drawn… and do not cross over.”

A family does not have to be a traditional family.

Family is whatever you make it.

A family that sticks together is a powerful corporation.

It is strong and stands erect at all times.

Family ties can break if there is a leak or crack in the foundation.

Be Blessed

No Distance In Prayer

For the Weary


It’s Monday and I just received

news that my mom has CANCER

6 letter word that rips the life and joy out of living.

Many survive it-many don’t.

It silences the rich, middle class, poor, men, women, and children.

It doesn’t care who it strikes.

No distance in Prayer

worried, frustrated not knowing what to do I look toward heaven

I’m trying to make sense of it all.

Wondering, “God what are you doing? Why her?”

Every few moments I cry then weep

A warm sweet feeling rises through my body

dropping warm tears down my cheek bones.

With a lump in my throat, I yell, ” Lord why her?”

My mouth opens melodically

unknown language flows from me

sounds I’ve never heard before.

No distance in Prayer

Mom ma’s oldest daughter

can’t fix this

Not now/Not never

In prayer, I sat lifeless.

Floating from earth to heaven

rising above the fear of the unknown

I feel like a gutted fish

tossed on coals of fire

ready to be eaten

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take him at his word

Lord I pray, “What are you saying?”

Just to rest upon his promises

and to know, “Thus saith the Lord.”

No distance in Prayer

Lord I need to hear you now

come down now please Father

rest upon me now in this hour

No distance in Prayer

Looking up toward heaven

I’m reminded to hope in the Lord

He will renew my strength

Prophet Isaiah says, “They will soar on wings as eagles,

they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not faint.”

Heaven Dances


Open up the windows of heaven
Pour out your anointing on me
One touch from God’s hand
I’ll proclaim Jesus name out loud
With arms lifted high, and hands raised high,
I’ll dance like a carefree child
His love for me is beautiful like a mother who breastfeeds her newborn baby
I am new
His creation
I am in Christ Jesus
I am His child
Old things are passed away
He doesn’t look at my past anymore
It’s hidden and forgotten
Behold all things have become new
I am new
God made me  his child
I will dance for him
I am giddy and joyful
I will dance for him like David danced
Heaven Dances for me everyday

Vintage Victorious Glam


I’m a lot of things- Wife, mother,educator, minister, writer, social worker,

and fashionista. But above all else I’m a Daughter of the King.

Everyday I’m learning to be ME.

Yes I’m a roaring Crazy Christian

I’m clothed with earthly clothes, and beautiful pearls.

He’s given me his clothes of Righteousness. I am wearing His Grace

wpid-wp-1439171324251.jpg It’s His love that’s helped me this far- create a Life of Faith I love.

I think all women should embrace the body he’s given you and DANCE.

I’m celebrating the roaring 20’s

Modernity, a break of tradition, jazz and dancing. It took the world by Force.

I’m taking this world by Force through Prayer and His word.

He’s reinventing me with praise, dance and GLAM








Hello this is a poem about a person walking out their vision. As you know, we don’t get there overnight because it’s a process. I wrote this poem years ago and now I’d like to share it with you. Marlene Calcapit illustrated the painting for me. I wrote it during a church service while Bishop Greg Williams preached, and the name of his sermon was, “Vision-walker.” The poem and picture is for sale. Please let me know if you’re interested. When you’re reading this poem think about your gift that God has given you, and think about how you’re overcoming obstacles and adversity. There are a cloud of witnesses cheering us on, and telling us that we can make it. (Hebrews 12:1) We must persevere, and let go of past failures and look to Jesus for deliverance. Jesus will see us through every dark place.Thanks Be Blessed


There is an uncontrollable sound rising from within my spirit.


It’s beginning to get out of  hand and it has nowhere else to go, but out of me


I cannot sit still because it wakes me up early in the morning


I hear the voice of the Lord tell me, “To rise and prepare myself for battle,” because the enemy is coming!


Suddenly every bone in body rises, and takes its position


I rise and put on the armor of God because I need to move with authority


I am not defeated because I am destined for greatness


Encamped all around me are a host of warring angels that will fight the enemy at the command of God’s voice


I am not afraid because I am the seed of Abraham and like Jacob, I will war in the spirit


Time is expensive so I must move in this season. I will do what God tells me to do


At the end of this battle, there are blessings for me. I am not a punk or a weak Christian


God is testing me to see what I have inside of me because I can’t go to the level with a contaminated spirit


I must travel lightly. I need to move expeditiously. To walk out His vision for my life


I will unite my spirit with other believers, so I can connect with God’s plan


There is not room in this  war for middle or cold Christians because God can only use hot Christians


God wants us to be Christians that are not afraid to worship His name and be real


Going into this war, we need to know what our position is, and whose team are we playing on because the devil knows

@Copyrighted by Janiese Wesley



Hello this is a poem I wrote several years ago, and I had my mom to illustrate the poem, “Free.”  In case you’re wondering what’s on the painting. This is continuation of my ,”Fire,” series. I’m not a very good photographer, and the original is better than the picture above. Don’t judge me…be kind thanks. If anyone is interested in buying the poem, “Free,” and the painting please comment below. Thanks. Let’s play a game: In the comments below write what you think it was that I ran toward. Lol.


I sat under a tall tree that hid me from the rays of sun.

Quietly, I sat still

watching the bees buzzing, and swirling around a mass of white lilies

I looked over at a frog leaping from green lily pads singing a cheerful tune.

Silence fell-

And calmness visited the earth

In the distance,

I saw a magnificent sight

I jumped to my feet and ran toward beauty

It flew around my head and I tried to catch it

But it escaped from my clutches

Flying up, up, into the sky.

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley