Heaven Dances


Open up the windows of heaven
Pour out your anointing on me
One touch from God’s hand
I’ll proclaim Jesus name out loud
With arms lifted high, and hands raised high,
I’ll dance like a carefree child
His love for me is beautiful like a mother who breastfeeds her newborn baby
I am new
His creation
I am in Christ Jesus
I am His child
Old things are passed away
He doesn’t look at my past anymore
It’s hidden and forgotten
Behold all things have become new
I am new
God made me  his child
I will dance for him
I am giddy and joyful
I will dance for him like David danced
Heaven Dances for me everyday



Hello this is a poem I wrote several years ago, and I had my mom to illustrate the poem, “Free.”  In case you’re wondering what’s on the painting. This is continuation of my ,”Fire,” series. I’m not a very good photographer, and the original is better than the picture above. Don’t judge me…be kind thanks. If anyone is interested in buying the poem, “Free,” and the painting please comment below. Thanks. Let’s play a game: In the comments below write what you think it was that I ran toward. Lol.


I sat under a tall tree that hid me from the rays of sun.

Quietly, I sat still

watching the bees buzzing, and swirling around a mass of white lilies

I looked over at a frog leaping from green lily pads singing a cheerful tune.

Silence fell-

And calmness visited the earth

In the distance,

I saw a magnificent sight

I jumped to my feet and ran toward beauty

It flew around my head and I tried to catch it

But it escaped from my clutches

Flying up, up, into the sky.

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley

Image Is Everything

             Then the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living  being                                                                              Genesis 2:7

     The other night, I read an article in People’s magazine that proclaimed Beyonce as, “The most beautiful woman in the world in 2012.”  Yes, she is very beautiful, talented, and famous.  But who has the money to look like her. And even if we had her money, we still wouldn’t be Beyonce.   It takes a lot for her to look the way she does.  She has an image that she must keep up because she’s famous.

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet
Beyonce VMA Red Carpet (Photo credit: mp3waxx.com)

  In our society, “Image Is Everything!”  Popular Magazine’s like Vogue and Essence portrays models walking the runway wearing the latest fashions.  The fashion industry wants everyone to look like them, and  we we’re automatically in the, “in crowd.” Commercials persuade us to buy the latest Electronic devices, foods we should eat, cars to buy, jewelry to wear, etc. Talk shows and Reality T.V. forms our way of thinking by persuading us, to act like these people.  Where does Jesus Christ fit into this?    

  Not long ago I visited a friend of mine, an ordained minister who believes, that the latest phone, suit, and car tells others who you are.  What do you believe?  My friend and I enjoy getting together and talking about the Lord.  However, our conversations seems to turn toward me  not driving the latest car, carrying the hottest phone, or wearing high fashioned clothes.  I told her that Christians aren’t supposed to pattern our lifestyles after the world.  She laughed at me and said,” God doesn’t want me looking poor honey.  I serve a rich God.” I agreed with her that God wants us to look our best.  However, everything we do must point to God.”Well, you do you Janiese, and I’ll do me,” she answered. “I don’t need you telling me what God expects from me. I don’t need you being self-righteous.  You’re just jealous of my accomplishments.””No, I’m not jealous of your accomplishments. I am learning to live my life according to the word of God.  You’re living by the world’s standards. Yes, God wants us to have money. Afterall, it’s because of His grace that you have money.”     Needless to say my friend and I parted that day with different opinions.  The truth is, we’re all influenced by others whether we like it or not. In some way  or another, we all want to fit in. Ladies, we dye or cut our hair hoping to look like Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, or the woman next door.  Men you try to look like Donald Trump, Tom Cruise, etc.  The question is, “Why aren’t we trying to look like God?”     If God breathed breath into our nostrils, then let’s give Him credit for creating us. Lets praise His name, and honor God.  He should be a household name, but He isn’t.  We praise and honor man more than honor God.  Why is that?  My conversation with my friend reveals that we’ve forgotten who God is.  We place our lives into our own  hands, and take His authority away from Him.  God doesn’t care about the clothes we wear, how we look, the cars we drive, the latest electronic device, the kind of jobs we have, etc. 

The Great Commission    

      Against all the latest trends and culture of this world, the true Christians must stand.  It is a choice to live for God or die.  No it  isn’t popular to live for Jesus in a world that worships flesh. Yet, we can stand and proclaim that Jesus is the Light of  the world.  The world shouts loud, “Image Is Everything!” Christians lets  be like Daniel and the three Hebrews boys that didn’t bow down to the Kings orders. They lived in a pagan society that worshipped flesh and idols, but they chose to live for God.  They refused to bow down to the image of the golden calf. 

    Christians, when  the world shouts, “Image Is Everything,” we need to shout back, “It’s Jesus Image  that we’re Proclaiming!”  It isn’t the image of man.  Man can’t save us, but Jesus can save, deliver, and set us free.  Don’t be afraid to live for Jesus on your jobs, in your neighborhoods, in your families, etc.  Let Your Light Shine In This Dark World!” 

Thank you,


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