Jasmine: the Pole Dancer

Pinteterst …..saved from shop.thedaedals.com

It was Summer

around 12 A.M.

Saturday morning

Loud music blaring

Horrid men standing outside of the Dark Hole craving some entertainment

I waited for Jasmine to show up

A young lady I prayed for everyday on the 210.


I hummed, “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found”

Hoping to talk with her before she danced, “the Devil’s Dance.”


Jasmine molested at age 10

raped by her brother’s friend at 12

danced around the pole at 14.


Men and women think she’s for sale

I will travail

They make her have sex

giving her drugs

just like she’s their object

polluted her mind/confused

She dances


She works every night

Dances/ the Devil’s Dance

Puppet master

moving the strings

limb by limb

raising one arm

then the other

Like a zombie

sou-less shell

moving to his jig

steppin’ to his direction.

2 A.M. 

Crowd of nasty men

coming out of the Dark Hole

Liquored up with Spirits

I prayed, “Lord touch there wicked souls

touch Jasmine….deliver her from evil trolls.

Save her from this sin

Don’t let the devil win

Give her victory from this trickery




Vintage Victorious Glam


I’m a lot of things- Wife, mother,educator, minister, writer, social worker,

and fashionista. But above all else I’m a Daughter of the King.

Everyday I’m learning to be ME.

Yes I’m a roaring Crazy Christian

I’m clothed with earthly clothes, and beautiful pearls.

He’s given me his clothes of Righteousness. I am wearing His Grace

wpid-wp-1439171324251.jpg It’s His love that’s helped me this far- create a Life of Faith I love.

I think all women should embrace the body he’s given you and DANCE.

I’m celebrating the roaring 20’s

Modernity, a break of tradition, jazz and dancing. It took the world by Force.

I’m taking this world by Force through Prayer and His word.

He’s reinventing me with praise, dance and GLAM