My Energy


Hello its been awhile since I posted something. I’ve been busy writing this summer. I’d like to share my poem, “My Energy.” I wrote this poem for the many women I work with to encourage them that they’re more than enough. It doesn’t matter what others are saying about them because they don’t know them anyway. The only thing that matters is their children and themselves.

My energy is  whimsical and curious2015-08-10 00.02.59

My energy is colorful……it allows me to see the world as a rainbow.

My energy is universal……I am free to love others and celebrate our differences.

My energy is soulful……I dance to my own beat of life.

My energy is powerful……I am getting stronger and stronger everyday.

My energy is passionate…..I feel deeply about my independence, life, and my children.

My energy is truth……no one will take it away from me.

My energy is faith…..I believe I can get up and keep moving forward.

My energy is life….I woke up this morning determined to win.

My energy is fire…..I  made it through bad situations and found me.

My energy is earth……I’m not afraid to listen to my inner self to find peace.

My energy is brilliant…..I am smart, intelligent and clever

I am all of these things and more.

Written and copyrighted by Janiese Williams-Wesley

Jasmine: the Pole Dancer

Pinteterst …..saved from

It was Summer

around 12 A.M.

Saturday morning

Loud music blaring

Horrid men standing outside of the Dark Hole craving some entertainment

I waited for Jasmine to show up

A young lady I prayed for everyday on the 210.


I hummed, “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found”

Hoping to talk with her before she danced, “the Devil’s Dance.”


Jasmine molested at age 10

raped by her brother’s friend at 12

danced around the pole at 14.


Men and women think she’s for sale

I will travail

They make her have sex

giving her drugs

just like she’s their object

polluted her mind/confused

She dances


She works every night

Dances/ the Devil’s Dance

Puppet master

moving the strings

limb by limb

raising one arm

then the other

Like a zombie

sou-less shell

moving to his jig

steppin’ to his direction.

2 A.M. 

Crowd of nasty men

coming out of the Dark Hole

Liquored up with Spirits

I prayed, “Lord touch there wicked souls

touch Jasmine….deliver her from evil trolls.

Save her from this sin

Don’t let the devil win

Give her victory from this trickery






This writing is dedicated to the true Christians who believe in God, the Trinity, the life of Jesus, the Gifts of Tongues, heaven and hell.

I learned much of the word as a child growing up in church. I watched my parents and other adults who lived a life of Holiness in front of me. They weren’t perfect, but they believed in God and His word. Thank you for being a living testimony of who God is. I am honored to write this piece.

I am Escaping from the chaos of this world.

The consistent clamor coming from the local News, CNN, Dateline, Social Media,  and twitter, reeks of gloom and pessimism.

It doesn’t speak of hope, truth, and the life, death, resurrection and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Refrain from following well known men and women of God who stray away from Biblical truths. They love to preach watered down messages, and paint hell as being paradise..

They shout, “There’s no hell! There isn’t a devil. If there’s a devil you created it.

Sprint toward the feet of Jesus. Pray for mercy and Peace.

Search the Bible for yourselves

God will reveal his word to you. He will tell you his plan for your life.

He comes to those who seek him.

People who are lost-seeking words from profane individuals with secular views and motives that lead to confusion please pray for God’s help.


To the one and only true Living  God, the breath of Life, and Majesty.

I’m warning you to resist messages like, “Follow your heart! A heart that is sinful and lusts after the things of this world.

Don’t believe that , “There’s more than one way to heaven!”

In the Bible Jesus said to John, ” I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the father except through me.”

The human Psyche is combative, and hates the authority of God. It celebrates ,”Me, myself, and I.”

Secular Humanism doesn’t teach that God created us or the world.

It doesn’t teach that in Him we live, move, and have our being.

I know this word isn’t popular.

The idea that our existence comes only from God sounds insane, ludicrous, mad or crazy.

Yet lies and deceit our society cleaves to, and hold it close to our hearts.


Instead of respecting God who created us, we worship ourselves and each other.

Never acknowledging God,  and Jesus.

We worship the sun, moon, stars, celebrities.

We discredit Jesus by making him a good man.

We see the Holy Spirit as Science and not Divine.


To the one and only true living God, the Breath of Life and Majesty.

Pragmatic Christians sometimes stand alone.

We adjust our sails against the wind and Glide.

Like Jesus, we’re more concerned about practical application

and not the theory of religion.

Be Blessed

No Distance In Prayer

For the Weary


It’s Monday and I just received

news that my mom has CANCER

6 letter word that rips the life and joy out of living.

Many survive it-many don’t.

It silences the rich, middle class, poor, men, women, and children.

It doesn’t care who it strikes.

No distance in Prayer

worried, frustrated not knowing what to do I look toward heaven

I’m trying to make sense of it all.

Wondering, “God what are you doing? Why her?”

Every few moments I cry then weep

A warm sweet feeling rises through my body

dropping warm tears down my cheek bones.

With a lump in my throat, I yell, ” Lord why her?”

My mouth opens melodically

unknown language flows from me

sounds I’ve never heard before.

No distance in Prayer

Mom ma’s oldest daughter

can’t fix this

Not now/Not never

In prayer, I sat lifeless.

Floating from earth to heaven

rising above the fear of the unknown

I feel like a gutted fish

tossed on coals of fire

ready to be eaten

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take him at his word

Lord I pray, “What are you saying?”

Just to rest upon his promises

and to know, “Thus saith the Lord.”

No distance in Prayer

Lord I need to hear you now

come down now please Father

rest upon me now in this hour

No distance in Prayer

Looking up toward heaven

I’m reminded to hope in the Lord

He will renew my strength

Prophet Isaiah says, “They will soar on wings as eagles,

they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not faint.”

Heaven Dances


Open up the windows of heaven
Pour out your anointing on me
One touch from God’s hand
I’ll proclaim Jesus name out loud
With arms lifted high, and hands raised high,
I’ll dance like a carefree child
His love for me is beautiful like a mother who breastfeeds her newborn baby
I am new
His creation
I am in Christ Jesus
I am His child
Old things are passed away
He doesn’t look at my past anymore
It’s hidden and forgotten
Behold all things have become new
I am new
God made me  his child
I will dance for him
I am giddy and joyful
I will dance for him like David danced
Heaven Dances for me everyday

Vintage Victorious Glam


I’m a lot of things- Wife, mother,educator, minister, writer, social worker,

and fashionista. But above all else I’m a Daughter of the King.

Everyday I’m learning to be ME.

Yes I’m a roaring Crazy Christian

I’m clothed with earthly clothes, and beautiful pearls.

He’s given me his clothes of Righteousness. I am wearing His Grace

wpid-wp-1439171324251.jpg It’s His love that’s helped me this far- create a Life of Faith I love.

I think all women should embrace the body he’s given you and DANCE.

I’m celebrating the roaring 20’s

Modernity, a break of tradition, jazz and dancing. It took the world by Force.

I’m taking this world by Force through Prayer and His word.

He’s reinventing me with praise, dance and GLAM








Hello this is a poem I wrote several years ago, and I had my mom to illustrate the poem, “Free.”  In case you’re wondering what’s on the painting. This is continuation of my ,”Fire,” series. I’m not a very good photographer, and the original is better than the picture above. Don’t judge me…be kind thanks. If anyone is interested in buying the poem, “Free,” and the painting please comment below. Thanks. Let’s play a game: In the comments below write what you think it was that I ran toward. Lol.


I sat under a tall tree that hid me from the rays of sun.

Quietly, I sat still

watching the bees buzzing, and swirling around a mass of white lilies

I looked over at a frog leaping from green lily pads singing a cheerful tune.

Silence fell-

And calmness visited the earth

In the distance,

I saw a magnificent sight

I jumped to my feet and ran toward beauty

It flew around my head and I tried to catch it

But it escaped from my clutches

Flying up, up, into the sky.

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley



Burn in me a fire that won’t burn out

A fire that I can’t hold in

A fire that sparks light- producing heat of intensity and everlasting life.

I don’t fear the burning within me

The Bible calls it the Holy Ghost

Third one of the Trinity

Third person of the Godhead

The first person revealed in scripture

He’s many things, so I’ll call him, “Helper.”

He keeps God’s word in my heart

His fire gives me strength

It’s fierce, acute, and soul searching

I am the candle and He is the flame of light bursting through me and all around me.

The fire is burning everything that isn’t like him

I will offer up a sweet fragrance.

Like prophet Jeremiah

I can’t keep quiet

Although people try to muzzle my mouth shut

Stomp out my confidence

Stifle my gifting, but they’ll never take him from me.

I will burn with flames of light to light the path for others.

I will burn with flames of His love to share with others

I will burn with flames of righteousness. I am His and He is mine.

I will burn with flames of passion

He suffered death, life and resurrection for all.

God’s passion is light

He’ll light my way

He’ll continue to burn, burn, burn, burn into my soul

With every passing day, I’ll give Him praise

For this precious Gift

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley 2015

Happy Mother’s Day

New Projects

This weekend I learned how to make a video.  It’s my second video, so please don’t judge me.  I’ve been looking at YouTube and Instagram dreaming of one day making my own video, and I did.  Finally, I made my own video for Mother’s Day.  This year in 2015 I figured that I’m going to start projects that I’ve never done before.

Well WordPress here I am vulnerable standing before you for the world to see me.  I may not get many likes on any of my new blogs but that’s OK.  I’ve learned how to like myself regardless of what others think about me.  I guess, I’m the slow turtle who won  at the end of the race.  The tortoise thought he outsmarted the turtle and he underestimated the turtle.  Due to perseverance the turtle beat the tortoise.

Lost Soul

A Lost Soul

Family Life

I grew up in the foothills of Georgia.

Raised on bald faced whiskey and country music like Patsy Kline.

We were poor and didn’t have any money to buy new clothes.

I wore hand me downs, jeans with patches, and shoes that were ate out by wood rats.

Townspeople called us,” pile up with trash and  corn-fed critters.”

I have no idea when Pap started selling bald face whiskey, or growing marijuana. All I know that life for us changed.  Pap sold whiskey to local  coal-miners and marijuana. At night he’d get drunk and hit ma-maw until she turned black and blue. One time he hit her so hard, she couldn’t see out of her eye. It’s like he nailed it shut.


Puberty came knocking on my door and Ma-maw  and Pap introduced me and my sister to a lot of things. I’m not sure if it’s bad or not, but it was a way of life. We had Sunday night parties where marijuana, whiskey and sex went on until 2 in the morning. Then Pap would leave for his boating trip for a week.

Things aren’t always the way they seem. One minute they’re playing cards.The next,  I’m seeing ma-maw having sex with my Auntie. It’s as if  my sister and I weren’t there. I feel that they wanted us to see them.. I thought they were sisters because I called her Auntie all my life. When we tried to leave they made my sister and I sit at the bottom of her bed and watch.

Then she threatened to feed us to the Ghost on the Appalachian trail if we ever told Pap. She and Aunt Benny  laughed a wicked laugh, ” Nasty Naughty Girl.”

“Come over and touch them,” she said holding Auntie’s breast.  Sissy and I ran out of the room screaming. I threw up on the kitchen floor. I don’t know if it was the whiskey or them that made me sick.

A Week Later

Pap came back from a boating trip with a man-a stranger. This man looked was about Pap’s age and wore a patch on his left eye. He walked with a limp too. The stranger had a nice boat. It was beautiful and it looked shiny and new.  Pap said, ” Sweet child don’t be shy. Come say hello. Show him a good time like ma-maw taught you now.”  Pap gave me a drink of whiskey and made me smoke some marijuana first. Now this wasn’t the first time Pap gave me whiskey or marijuana. He gave me my first taste of whiskey at age 7.

Pap said, “It’ll take the edge from you.”

I cried and said, “Why Pap….no I don’t want to do this.”

Pap did something to me that he’d never done before, he beat me with his fishing rod and threw whiskey on me. Then he threatened to throw a match on me if I didn’t have sex with this man. With tears rolling down my face, I laid there on that bed where I seen the act of sex performed by Pap, Ma-maw , and their lovers. Our eyes met, and Pap didn’t look away. He sat and watched , and I hated him. I hated me, and I hated ma-maw who set in the next room doing nothing. When the stranger finished, Pap called ma-maw to come into the room. When she came in I looked into her eyes for comfort, and for tears of regret. But instead she said, “You a lost soul now little girl!”

All this time…..all these years I thought they loved me. How could they do this to me? What I do to deserve this?

Then Pap Said, ” Daughter you’ve entered into womanhood, and its time to leave home.”

I said, ” No Pap please… I don’t want to go with him.”

Pap said, “Go ahead he paid me a nice amount of money for you. Come on….let’s not keep him waiting.”

One last time, I looked to my parents who birthed me for consolation. I thought that this was one of Pap’s sick jokes.Until the stranger dragged me out of my parents house.  No it was true….pap sold me to this man for $500. And in that moment I realize that I was nothing to them, but a lost soul.