My Energy


Hello its been awhile since I posted something. I’ve been busy writing this summer. I’d like to share my poem, “My Energy.” I wrote this poem for the many women I work with to encourage them that they’re more than enough. It doesn’t matter what others are saying about them because they don’t know them anyway. The only thing that matters is their children and themselves.

My energy is  whimsical and curious2015-08-10 00.02.59

My energy is colorful……it allows me to see the world as a rainbow.

My energy is universal……I am free to love others and celebrate our differences.

My energy is soulful……I dance to my own beat of life.

My energy is powerful……I am getting stronger and stronger everyday.

My energy is passionate…..I feel deeply about my independence, life, and my children.

My energy is truth……no one will take it away from me.

My energy is faith…..I believe I can get up and keep moving forward.

My energy is life….I woke up this morning determined to win.

My energy is fire…..I  made it through bad situations and found me.

My energy is earth……I’m not afraid to listen to my inner self to find peace.

My energy is brilliant…..I am smart, intelligent and clever

I am all of these things and more.

Written and copyrighted by Janiese Williams-Wesley

Mama Grey


Dear Lord

Take my hand

Lead me on

Give me courage to open these doors you’ve given me to do.

Help these women with children

You gave me this shelter of light to be a guide to those that are lost.

Except I need your help to run this place.

I got no children to help me run this place or children to live this Legacy to.

Buildings run down

roof about to fall on us

Love is the glue that’s holding this place together.


Mama Grey         ( a voice outside the office door)

Mama Grey

Laud see what I’m talking about.


Mama Grey (Young ladies voice outside)

Mother Grey

we need your help

Chloe’s water broke

Daphne and Linda are fussing over house chores.

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A Girl Anywhere in the USA Volume 1

Picture created by Pinterest

A Choreopoem By Janiese Wesley

Dead Deniah


no good

You just like Him

You’re never amount to anything




Spitting out foul language

snorting crack

Grabbed the belt off of  one of her John’s pants

Wrapped it around my neck

choking me

Air left my body

Lifeless I laid there

wishing to die

I was just five

The word, “Him” became poison in my mom’s mouth

Infecting me /leaving it’s filthy residue on my heart.

As I grew older

I lost me somewhere between the sheets

I’m just saying, “I never was a little girl.”

It left me looking, wanting any man to fix the void in me.

Mommy let them have me

She’d get high in the other room

I’d scream ,”Mommy please help me!”

She’d yell back at me for not liking it

or distracting her from getting high

I thought, why won’t she look at me?

It’s crazy how she’d listen to BB King and get high at the same time.

Every night I laid awake thinking about, “Him.”

I wished he was here to protect me now

I never knew, “Him.” 

He left before I was potty broke.

Those men left their dirty stench on me

the smell will not pass

Who am I?

I’m no one

just a corpse / a crack heads daughter

My insides were given to the wild birds

I’m their prey

They ate me

I am nothing

Blackbird singing in the dead of the night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly


It’s your time

Jasmine the Pole Dancer


No Distance In Prayer

For the Weary


It’s Monday and I just received

news that my mom has CANCER

6 letter word that rips the life and joy out of living.

Many survive it-many don’t.

It silences the rich, middle class, poor, men, women, and children.

It doesn’t care who it strikes.

No distance in Prayer

worried, frustrated not knowing what to do I look toward heaven

I’m trying to make sense of it all.

Wondering, “God what are you doing? Why her?”

Every few moments I cry then weep

A warm sweet feeling rises through my body

dropping warm tears down my cheek bones.

With a lump in my throat, I yell, ” Lord why her?”

My mouth opens melodically

unknown language flows from me

sounds I’ve never heard before.

No distance in Prayer

Mom ma’s oldest daughter

can’t fix this

Not now/Not never

In prayer, I sat lifeless.

Floating from earth to heaven

rising above the fear of the unknown

I feel like a gutted fish

tossed on coals of fire

ready to be eaten

Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus

Just to take him at his word

Lord I pray, “What are you saying?”

Just to rest upon his promises

and to know, “Thus saith the Lord.”

No distance in Prayer

Lord I need to hear you now

come down now please Father

rest upon me now in this hour

No distance in Prayer

Looking up toward heaven

I’m reminded to hope in the Lord

He will renew my strength

Prophet Isaiah says, “They will soar on wings as eagles,

they will run and not grow weary

they will walk and not faint.”

Heaven Dances


Open up the windows of heaven
Pour out your anointing on me
One touch from God’s hand
I’ll proclaim Jesus name out loud
With arms lifted high, and hands raised high,
I’ll dance like a carefree child
His love for me is beautiful like a mother who breastfeeds her newborn baby
I am new
His creation
I am in Christ Jesus
I am His child
Old things are passed away
He doesn’t look at my past anymore
It’s hidden and forgotten
Behold all things have become new
I am new
God made me  his child
I will dance for him
I am giddy and joyful
I will dance for him like David danced
Heaven Dances for me everyday



Hello this is a poem I wrote several years ago, and I had my mom to illustrate the poem, “Free.”  In case you’re wondering what’s on the painting. This is continuation of my ,”Fire,” series. I’m not a very good photographer, and the original is better than the picture above. Don’t judge me…be kind thanks. If anyone is interested in buying the poem, “Free,” and the painting please comment below. Thanks. Let’s play a game: In the comments below write what you think it was that I ran toward. Lol.


I sat under a tall tree that hid me from the rays of sun.

Quietly, I sat still

watching the bees buzzing, and swirling around a mass of white lilies

I looked over at a frog leaping from green lily pads singing a cheerful tune.

Silence fell-

And calmness visited the earth

In the distance,

I saw a magnificent sight

I jumped to my feet and ran toward beauty

It flew around my head and I tried to catch it

But it escaped from my clutches

Flying up, up, into the sky.

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley



Burn in me a fire that won’t burn out

A fire that I can’t hold in

A fire that sparks light- producing heat of intensity and everlasting life.

I don’t fear the burning within me

The Bible calls it the Holy Ghost

Third one of the Trinity

Third person of the Godhead

The first person revealed in scripture

He’s many things, so I’ll call him, “Helper.”

He keeps God’s word in my heart

His fire gives me strength

It’s fierce, acute, and soul searching

I am the candle and He is the flame of light bursting through me and all around me.

The fire is burning everything that isn’t like him

I will offer up a sweet fragrance.

Like prophet Jeremiah

I can’t keep quiet

Although people try to muzzle my mouth shut

Stomp out my confidence

Stifle my gifting, but they’ll never take him from me.

I will burn with flames of light to light the path for others.

I will burn with flames of His love to share with others

I will burn with flames of righteousness. I am His and He is mine.

I will burn with flames of passion

He suffered death, life and resurrection for all.

God’s passion is light

He’ll light my way

He’ll continue to burn, burn, burn, burn into my soul

With every passing day, I’ll give Him praise

For this precious Gift

@copyrighted by Janiese Wesley 2015

Watch “The Applesauce Song” on YouTube

The Applesauce Song: This is a song I wrote for my niece Ashley when she was a tiny babe.  She wouldn’t eat Applesauce so I wanted her to eat. Creative juices started flowing and one day this goofy song came out of me. Ashley loved the song and three years lady she wanted to sing the song with me. Please like on the post and my YouTube channel. Share the song with other children thanks

Happy Mother’s Day

New Projects

This weekend I learned how to make a video.  It’s my second video, so please don’t judge me.  I’ve been looking at YouTube and Instagram dreaming of one day making my own video, and I did.  Finally, I made my own video for Mother’s Day.  This year in 2015 I figured that I’m going to start projects that I’ve never done before.

Well WordPress here I am vulnerable standing before you for the world to see me.  I may not get many likes on any of my new blogs but that’s OK.  I’ve learned how to like myself regardless of what others think about me.  I guess, I’m the slow turtle who won  at the end of the race.  The tortoise thought he outsmarted the turtle and he underestimated the turtle.  Due to perseverance the turtle beat the tortoise.